Tasted 100% Blind (Слепые винные дегустации от Андреаса Ларсона)


100% BLIND, 100% CLEAR From the beginning, back in the 90’s when he was a young sommelier, Andreas Larsson was a firm believer in blind tasting as the only true way to taste wine. The absolute objectivity of blind tasting allows the taster to focus exclusively on his or her senses, without preconceptions about the wine clouding their judgement. Andreas focused mainly on that tasting approach when on his quest to become Best Sommelier of the World, a goal he reached in 2007; and he attributes his success largely to his dedication to blind tasting all levels of wine and spirits. Sharing Andreas’s vision, we at TASTED 100% BLIND decided to organise scored blind tastings with Andreas, as a feedback and promotion tool for all winemakers – from the Bordeaux Grands Crus to the youngest wineries of the New World. We treat all wines and spirits similarly: all will be blind tasted by Andreas Larsson in optimal and perfectly identical conditions. We can thus guarantee that all tasting results are perfectly objective and trustworthy. OUR KEYWORDS : FAIRNESS AND RELIABILITY There is no distinction made among the wines we taste. Every wine or spirits maker can submit products to Andreas’s verdict, and all will pay the same participation fee. The most affordable and the most expensive wines will also benefit from the exact same treatment during transport, storage and service. This way, the tasting results are perfectly comparable, and can be confidently used by wine producers as qualified feedback for their wines and/or as powerful sales arguments. The blind tasting conditions. All wines will be blind tasted by category (wine style, country of origin, region, appellation, vintage) in a strictly controlled environment. For professional blind tastings the environment is as neutral as possible, with various environmental factors strictly controlled to guarantee perfect tasting conditions: temperature, degree of humidity, air pressure, noise, smells, colours, and last but certainly not least, lighting conditions. These criteria are strictly reproduced at our tasting facilities, whether in our Bordeaux base or abroad when Andreas is travelling. The room temperature is 20°C (+/-2°C) and the degree of humidity are permanently controlled and if necessary adjusted. All parameters are checked at regular intervals. The tastings take place in quiet locations where noise from the outside is almost completely excluded. Noise in the tasting room is also strictly forbidden in order to avoid any distraction to Andreas. It is paramount that the tasting room remains a neutral place in terms of smell, and it is always aired regularly. As for the lighting, it is neutral and constant in order to ensure all wines are viewed in identical conditions. The wines are stored in temperature controlled wine cabinets set at the appropriate temperature for the category of wine. The tasters cannot see either the preparation of the tastings or the bottles. The wines are served to the tasters directly by our team members and each wine is identified by a corresponding number. This number is matched to the sample number of the wine. If Andreas expresses a doubt on the overall quality of a wine (corked, oxidized etc.) the second sample of the wine will be used. Shall the second bottle also display the same defect, the producer will be informed and the comments will not be published. Each wine will receive a comment by Andreas as well as a score on a 100 point scale.



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