The Feminalise World Wine Competition (Международный Винный конкурс во Франции)


The Feminalise World Wine Competition is a unique concept: All world wines are exclusively tasted by professionals or seasoned oenophiles women. With a 25-year experience organizing wine tasting competitions, Didier Martin, the Founder, made a simple observation: the economical impact of women in the wine industry. This inspired him the novel idea of the Feminalise Competition in 2007 which goes global in 2015.

Each year in Beaune, France, right in the heart of Burgundy vineyards, more than 600 tasters from all over the world attend the extraordinary Féminalise Wine Tasting Competition, widely covered by the media. No commentary or influence is possible between the tasters as each person tastes a different wine than her neighbour. T

asters are selected from the wine industry on the basis of their abilities to taste and evaluate wines. All wines are blind-tasted, served by the glass, at the right temperature by qualified servers. Each wine is tasted by three women seated at tables placed far apart from each other. No commentary or influence is possible between the tasters. Each wine is evaluated following a tasting sheet with 39 control points. In case of flawed wine, a spare bottle will be served at right temperature to the tasters.

We are extremely careful about the tasting order of entries so as to ensure the best results. Ever since its creation, the Féminalise World Wine Competition is growing rapidly with an average of 4000 wines tasted during last competitions. The 3 Féminalise medals : Gold, Silver or Bronze will reward the best wines tasted.

The Féminalise World Wine Competition is open to all producers, cooperative wineries, merchants, importers of wines from all over the world. Trusting the Feminalise medals reveals a professional choice ! The Feminalise tasters are all experts and professionals working in the wine industry or seasoned oenophiles. They are all selected from an important number of applications from around the world. A Feminalise medal is a guarantee of quality ! All wines are blind-tasted. Each sample is tasted by 3 women seated at tables placed apart from each other, with no influence being possible between each other. This unique organization generates conclusive results. A Feminalise medal guarantees you a wine appreciated by women, and which has all the requirements to appeal to men.



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