Villa di Cordignano (Дегустация итальянских вин города Кордигнано)


52th VINTAGE WINE SHOW At the beginning, it was called “Brent Festival” with only local visitors. The show it’s now a good opportunity to taste white (sparkling or still) and red wines produced by about 30 local producers. WHERE Piazza IV Novembre, 1 31016 Cordignano (TV) OPENING TIMES Saturday, April 12: 17.30-24.00 Sunday, April 13: 09.00-24.00 Saturday, April 19: 17.30-24.00 Sunday, April 20: 16.00-24.00 Monday, April 21: 10:00-22:00 TIPICAL DISH Grilled meats VILLA DI CORDIGIANO It lies at the foot of the Altopiano del Cansiglio (plateau), characterized by the presence of the second largest forest in Italy. The history of Villa di Cordignano dates back to the Paleovenetian civilization. Among the main places of interest are: the “Castelat”, old castle with eight sides, and Villa Belvedere, owned by the Doge Mocenigo. Carlo Goldoni worked for a short time in the theatre of the Villa.



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