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Vinitaly 2021: everything is real  

31.03.2021, b2b

On March 26, Veronafiere disclosed the Italian wine brand’s global roadmap for 2021. In this context, the Vinitaly exhibition sounded like the most important instrument for relaunching the Italian market.

The main news was the date of conducting Vinitaly in Verona – it is scheduled for October 17-19, 2021; thereupon, the organizers will begin preparations for the 54-th Vinitaly exhibition, scheduled for April 10-13, 2022.

Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere emphasized: “The Italian winemaking is a fundamental sector. The volume of wine production in monetary terms is about 12 billion euros, and exports in 2020 amounted to 6.3 billion euros, which is 2.3% less than in the previous year. For this global market, hosting live events is vital. This is confirmed by Italian and international operators who participated in Vinitaly survey last December and January: more than 30% of respondents said that future personal visits to exhibitions will be even more pertinent than in the past, and over 60% expressed confidence that fairs will remain to be vitally important”.

Giovanni Mantovani e Maurizio Danesi

Maurizio Danese and Giovanni Mantovani

The planned Vinitaly Special Edition 2021 event will be based on “four pillars”.

First, it will take place at the Veronafiere exhibition center in compliance with strict security protocols.

The second important point is extremely professional nature of the event: only sector’s operators will be admitted, and the event will include off- and online tastings; a focus will be made on the Italian market, and seminars, as well as analysis and discussions of ideas of the wine2wine business forum (October 18-19) will be conducted. The exhibition starts with General Wine States 2021: conferences with participation of 50 top managers from the wine world, specialized institutions and EU organizations, discussing the current scenario and prospects for the future periods.

Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere, draws the wine community’s attention to the fact that the market is very vulnerable currently. And it’s not just a health emergency. According to the Vinitaly Observatory-Nomisma Wine Monitor, in January this year compared to the same month in 2020 (before the Covid pandemic), the Italian exports showed a 19% difference in top 10 export markets. Although these data are still fragmentary, they prompt, according to Signor Mantovani, to think during this difficult period about the vital role of enhancing advertising campaigns to attract the targeted audiences.

The third important pillar for Vinitaly Special Edition is the event’s international scale. Veronafiere is already cooperating with the ICE Foreign Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to enable the international buyers, especially from the key countries (such as the US and China), to come to Italy pursuant to a simplified procedure: through the “green health corridors”.


Considerable attention will be paid to the service for Vinitaly Special Edition members. Exhibitors will be offered turnkey areas, including a full range of services. The virtual showcase and digital networking solutions provided by the new online platform Vinitaly Plus will also be available to subscribers in order to integrate and expand the event’s potential. The Special Edition is an important event in the Vinitaly chain of events, but it is just one of several milestones on the Veronafiere roadmap already planned for 2022.

In 2021, Vinitaly will be held in Chengdu, China (April 3-6). The second event – Wine To Asia will be held in Shenzhen, China on June 8-10. In the same month, Verona welcomes the guests of the international packaging competition Vinitaly Design (June 11), Vinitaly 5 Star Wines The Book (June 16-18) and OperaWine (June 19-20) with tastings of the best Italian wines. The summer events will end with the courses organized by Vinitaly International Academy (June 21-24). And in September Vinitaly will travel to Beijing (13-17) and then to Brazil for Wine South America (22-24).