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190 years before Macallan

05.01.2015, News

Ancient people believed that the world is supported by three whales. At the end of 2014, a new era has been ushered for Ukrainian capital city: its high life from now on is supported by three global starts combine in one, yet very attractive, universe.

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The Macallan is one of the oldest single malt scotch brand. First produced in 1824 at The Macallan distillery, near the ancestral Easter Elchies House in Scottish Speyside region. Easter Elchies House on the label of The Macallan is a spiritual home of the luxury single malt. Nowadays production and bottling of the whisky is performed by The Macallan Distillers Ltd., a subsidiary of the Edrington Company, which purchased the brand from Highland Distillers in 1999. In 2009 The Herald magazine recognized The Macallan as “the second world’s most popular single malt” with the annual sales of half a million boxes, and “the second largest whisky brand in terms of assets.” In 2014 at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong The Macallan proved the status of the most expensive single malt and achieved a new record – six-liter decanter of The Macallan Imperiale M was sold for outstanding price USD 628,000.

Leading global brands – Skyline luxury residential complex, The Macallan, one of the top world’s whiskies, and the legendary hotel brand Hilton have joint their efforts to resurrect the 190-year-old Scottish tradition of The Macallan. To be exact they organized The Macallan Skyline Dinner that took place on November 20 in Hilton Kyiv.

Let us recall the chronology: in 1824 The Macallan distillery was first in United Kingdom licensed for whisky production. From then onward a new good tradition has originated: whisky connoisseurs assembled to sample the year’s whisky aging, and of course a well-considered menu. A fascinating chronicle of The Macallan Dinners that now spans the globe, traces back to that time. Nowadays top world’s chiefs compete for launching their signature under the aegis of The Macallan. Famous single malt challenges them to create hautecuisine dishes representing six quality pillars of The Macallan.

Abovementioned dinner at Hilton Kyiv became the latest event of this almost two century chronicle. Shota Goderdzishvili, the Executive Chef of Hilton Kyiv, became the man of the hour (or, to be more precise, the man of the evening). Having mastered all nuances of his wonderful native land’s cuisine, he has been perfecting his skills in top restaurants and hotels in London. For the Dinner he created a sublime menu combining traditional ingredients with a twist of originality and splashes of The Macallan whisky bouquet, complimenting the guest with the extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Each course was interspersed with a tasting of four different ages of whisky just as it would have been 190 years ago.

The evening was co-sponsored by Skyline as a part of multifaced cooperation of Skyline with other brand partners pooling their resources to attract the audience of a particular status. This time Skyline partnership included: Audi, the automobile brand, The Macallan whisky and hotel network Hilton, as well as leading Ukrainian sport brands Kyiv Golf Clud “GolfStream” and Kyiv Yacht Racing Clud.

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