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Bocuse d`Or Ukraine has started in Ukraine

01.07.2021, HoReCa

The qualifying round of the Bocuse d’Or Ukraine gastronomic competition took place on June 22-23 at the MHP Culinary Center.

Bocuse d’Or is a legendary international professional competition founded in 1987 by Paul Bocuse, a prominent restaurateur and chef, the father of French gastronomy. Chefs from more than 70 countries compete in this most prestigious gastro event.

Bocuse d’Or Ukraine teams

Ukraine is participating in this international event for the first time. It all started on the initiative of Yevhenii Korolyov who became the founder and President of Bocuse d’Or Ukraine. To join the Bocuse d’Or family, it was necessary to present the project with an analysis of the gastronomy market in the country, the best restaurants and chefs, prospects, potential and vector of development of Ukrainian gastronomy in the world, and then defend the project in front of the Bocuse d’Or committee in Lyon. And Yevhen did it perfectly!

Bocuse d’Or dish

From the beginning of 2021, the variety of applications from chefs to participate in the competition was received. The qualifying round determined the best of them to participate in the National selection.

Bocuse d’Or participants

Bocuse d’Or Ukraine is a large-scale professional event in the field of HoReCa in Ukraine. In 2021, Ukraine will host the National Selection for the first time, and the chef who wins it will represent Ukraine at the Bocuse d’Or Europe Final 2022 international gastro arena.

Bocuse d’Or jury

During two intensive days, 36 teams from all over Ukraine prepared 72 meat and fish dishes which were evaluated by Ukrainian and foreign members of the jury.

The jury consisted of all members of the National Organizing Committee: Yevhenii Korolyov, Ihor Kramarenko, Viktor Tymchyshyn, Ike Weishtort, Ihor Lavreshyn, Maryna Kerbytska, Oleksiy Miller, Yuriy Kovryzhenko.

Bocuse d’Or jury

The organizers of the project also invited foreign representatives of the gastronomic world: Pavlo Guryanov – winner of international competitions, including Bocuse d’Or Estonia, and Mikheil Avsadzhanishvili – President of Bocuse d’Or Georgia.

Bocuse d’Or dish

The site bocusedor.com.ua published a list of 8 winning teams that advance to the next round – the National Selection. The winning teams are headed by chefs:

  • Maksym Prykhidko
  • Oleksandr Lypko
  • Vadym Zakharov
  • Vladyslav Lionov
  • Vitalii Nuzhnyi
  • Andrii Pryvarnykov
  • Eleonora Barabanova
  • Oleksandr Petrenko

Congratulations to the winners! On October 11, at the National Selection, they will compete for the right to represent Ukraine in the European Final in 2022.

Bocuse d’Or meat dish

Ukrainian and world brands became the partners of the competition:

  • METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine
  • Kurator
  • USMEF (U.S. Meat Export Federation)
  • EFFO: professional cooking oil
  • Alaska Seafood
  • Kontakt
  • Convotherm
  • Tehma
  • Tork
  • Ferret.Group
  • Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv
  • KAMA Restaurant
  • Abrikos
  • Forward
  • Thermomix Ukraine
  • Kotányi

Bocuse d’Or cooking

“Everything took place at a high international level – that is the feedback we received from the candidates, their assistants and members of the jury. All over the world, the Qualifying Round is on a smaller scale, but our goal was to draw industry attention to this event at this stage – and we have achieved this. We set a very high bar for ourselves and thanks to the strong support of our partners at the National Selection on October 11, which will gather more than 3,000 guests, we will once again show and consolidate the international level of this event not only with a high level of organization but also with professionalism”, – said Dina Kurachenko, Marketing Director of Bocuse d’Or Ukraine.

We are creating the history of Ukrainian gastronomy together!