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Balkans International Wine Competition

Balkans International Wine Competition 2024 Closes Out by Unveiling the Top 12 ‘Best of Show’ Wines

11.06.2024, HoReCa

The Balkans International Wine Competition (BIWC) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its 13th edition, which for the first time in its history, took place across two countries. This milestone event was made possible by the excellent hosting provided by Arcadia Vineyards, led by Zeynep Arca Salliel, and Katarzyna Estate, led by Tsvetelina Nikolova.

The competition culminated in a ceremony where the Best of Show winners were announced at the gala dinner marking the closing of the 13th edition of the BIWC. The awards went as follows:

  • ALBANIA: E Kuqja Shqiptare 2020, Kantina Faba
  • BULGARIA: Korten Natura 2022 Mavrud & Rubin, Domaine Boyar
  • CROATIA: Pošip 2023, Vinarija Luviji, Hvar
  • GREECE: Assyrtiko Agia Kiriaki 2022, Alpha Estate
  • MONTENEGRO: Epoha 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, 13. jul Plantaže
  • MOLDOVA: Fautor Chardonnay Aurore 2022, Fautor Winery
  • NORTH MACEDONIA: Lastar Collection Red Antler 2022, Vinarija Iliev – Stojan Iliev
  • ROMANIA: Vin Spumante 2019, Avincis Winery
  • SERBIA: Merlot 2021, Vinarija Tarpoš
  • TURKIYE: Riesling 2023, Camlica Winery; Reserve Karasakiz 2021, Suvla Winery
  • UKRAINE: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2021, Odesos Winery
  • GEORGIA: Saperavi 2020, Kakheli’s Winery

Balkans International Wine Competition

The remaining results will be disclosed on June 17th, and the remaining awards will be presented and distributed on the first day of the Balkans International Wine Festival on June 27th in the wine village in front of the NDK in Sofia.

As with each year, the competition culminated in a ceremony where we announced the “Best Wine Personality in the Balkans.” After careful consideration, this year’s accolade was awarded to Tomislav Ivanovic from Serbia. Tomislav’s significant contributions as a senior judge and his profound expertise and passion for Balkan wines have notably influenced the region’s wine culture. His relentless dedication to promoting quality and knowledge has earned him this well-deserved honor.

The BIWC has once again exceeded its previous achievements, confirming its position as a leading wine competition in the Balkans. It continues to attract a diverse group of judges and wine producers from across the world, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of wine. Each year, the competition not only sets new benchmarks but also fosters a collaborative environment that drives the industry forward.

Balkans International Wine Competition77

Furthermore, the region for the 14th edition of the competition has been announced: Naoussa in Greece. The Mayor of Naoussa attended the gala dinner and expressed that hosting the next edition is a significant honor. Preparations will begin soon.

In just two weeks starts the upcoming Balkans International Wine Festival from June 27th to 29th in Sofia. The festival will offer a unique opportunity to taste a variety of award-winning wines and engage with different cultures through music, art, and culinary experiences. This celebration aims to bring together wine lovers from all over to share in the joy and rich traditions of Balkan wine culture.

The festival is a notable occasion where the art of winemaking and the community that surrounds it are celebrated. It caters to everyone who appreciates the nuances of fine wine, from casual drinkers to the most discerning connoisseurs.