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Dom Pérignon champagne

Festive drink: the price of champagne around the world has grown by a third

03.01.2022, News

Due to increased demand and limited supply, champagne worldwide has risen in price by a third.

Vintage champagnes such as Dom Pérignon 2008 and Krug 2000 surged in value in late 2021. Investors became interested in previously unpopular categories. According to the online wine exchange Liv-ex Champagne 50 index, champagne prices have climbed 33.7% in the first 11 months of 2021.

By comparison, the FTSE All World stock index, which tracks the stocks of companies in developed and emerging economies, is up about 15% since the beginning of the year. More than half of the growth in the Champagne Index came from the sharp rise in October and November. “It was great,” said Justin Gibbs, co-founder of Liv-ex. “The market just exploded with success.”

Vintage Champagne has been a disadvantageous investment in the fine wine market for many years. The wines are aged in champagne houses and are produced ready to drink. Since champagne has become a traditional drink for the holidays, it is often sold and drunk for several years after its release.

According to Justin Knock, Oeno Group Director of Wine, demand has been boosted by increased investors’ and wine lovers’ enthusiasm, fueled by the emergence of artisan wine, a beverage made by the same person who grows the grapes. Demand has also skyrocketed in the US, where many wine buyers have benefited from their stock portfolios during the coronavirus pandemic.

Salon 2002 was among the most popular brands this year, according to Liv-ex, which rose 80% in price to £ 10,000 for 12 bottles. Cristal Rose 2008 by Louis Roederer has risen in price by 60%, Dom Pérignon 2008 – by 46%, and Krug 2000 – by 62%.

Based on the Profibeer portal.