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Armenian cognac

Goodbye, Armenian cognac!

11.06.2021, News Author: Irina Chernova

Armenia decided to abandon the name “cognac” in exchange for compensation from the EU.

On June 10, 2021, the Armenian authorities made a decision which became the next stage in the implementation of the Agreement on a Comprehensive and Expanded Partnership. The Agreement was signed between the European Union and Armenia in November 2017. One of the points of the document was the regulation of the use of the name “cognac“.

The Armenian government approved a financial agreement with the EU, the text of which, in particular, provides for the gradual abandonment of the use of the term “cognac” in relation to Armenian alcoholic beverages.

The name “cognac” has the status of a protected geographical name in France and the EU and is applicable only to the type of brandy produced in the department of Charente, where the city of Cognac is located.

In the post-Soviet space, any type of brandy is called cognac, regardless of the place of production. The tradition developed and took root decades ago, when Moldovan, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani cognacs were produced and consumed in the USSR.

As a reminder, the Ukrainian alcoholic sector is also working in a transitional period defined by Article 208 of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on the use of EU geographical indications to designate similar products originating from Ukraine. Domestic producers will be able to manufacture products under the names “cognac” and “champagne” until 2026.