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Heineken: beer is on your heels!

06.07.2021, News

From now on, the Heineken robot refrigerator will accompany the owner on picnics.

Heineken has developed a robot that uses motion sensor technology to keep track of its owner and follow them everywhere.

The Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.), that is how the intelligent machine is called, moves on two large and four smaller wheels. The robot holds up to 12 bottles / cans of beer in ice.


According to Heineken, B.O.T. has “a charming personality, it talks to his owner, asking helpful questions such as “Are you thirsty?”

Heineken B.O.T.

The robot, released under the motto “Wherever you go, your Heineken will follow you”, is ready to become your best companion in the summer and accompany the owner on picnics and BBQ. The developers joke that it would be nice to program B.O.T. on applying sunscreen to its owner, so he would become a completely irreplaceable companion.

Prepared by A. Bantysheva based on thedrinksbusiness.com

Photo: thedrinksbusiness.com, ideahuntr.com