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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Honey Badger: Own marks upon a map!

08.03.2021, HoReCa

Founded in 2015, the family enterprise Honey Badger is the latest discovery and passion for D+, and we are ready to share the information.

The owners of the Honey Badger brand, Yulia Kalenskaya and Artem Skubenko, are the representatives of the millennials generation, who, as we know, thus choosing the best. So, when a couple of young Ukrainians founded their own enterprise for the production of the traditional drinks according to the revived recipes, it is reasonable that the credo of their company was: «To collect and preserve the best from the heritage of Ukrainian cities and villages». A simple idea turned out to be a brilliant one. The best local ingredients multiplied with the best local recipes.


The nastoyankas and nalyvkas of Honey Badger have already been appreciated by the professionals. Today, restaurateurs are paying specific attention to Honey Badger drinks, including due to their universal gastronomy. The nastoyankas are especially attractive for the bartenders who are interested in making trendy cocktails based on old drinks created from local ingredients. The story of the young brand is only being written. The founders have big and ambitious plans: to expand the collection of recipes by filling out their own map of Ukraine by Honey Badger, as well as to enter the export markets. And the brand has enough trump cards for this!



This is a special drink for a family company. The recipe that comes from the village of Kalens’ke in the Zhytomyr region has been passed from generation to generation for centuries and has been finally passed from the father to children. The family owns not only the recipe but also the apiary. The nastoyanka of the «pidmore» is healing, tasty, soft, aromatic, with a honey-floral aftertaste. Alc.: 37%. Paring: meat dishes, game.



Blackcurrant nalyvka was created according to a recipe recorded by the old residents of the Carpathians. The drink is full-bodied, moderately dry, has a magical aroma. It possesses a good balance of acidity. Alc.: 17%. Paring: dishes of the Carpathian cuisine – banosh, potato pancakes, mushroom broth.



The relatives from Torkanivka village, the Vinnytsia region, shared the secret of producing the nalyvka. The nalyvka has a signature cherry flavour with a spicy touch of a kernel. It has an elegant purple colour. Alc.: 17%. Paring: dishes of modern Ukrainian cuisine, cheese and desserts.



This is an old recipe retold by the acquaintances from the Cherkasy region, where a famous thousandyear-old oak grows in the Kholodnyi Yar. It is a symbol of longevity. Alc.: 37%. Paring: depending on the sauces, it can be combined with both fish and meat dishes, perfect for game.



The recipe for the drink was received by the father of the founders of the company from his friends who live in the Kharkiv region. The nalyvka is vivid, with an ideal balance of colour, taste, and aroma. Alc.: 17%. Paring: pies, halushky, pancakes, sweet dumplings.



This is an old, but a modified recipe for a strong honey drink from the homeland of Cossacks – from Zaporizhzhia – created on the basis of a unique bee product. Beeswax contains over 300 nutrients. Alc.: 37%. Paring: grilled meat dishes, smoked meat, kulish.



A drink was created according to a recipe that was passed from the relatives from the Crimea. This nalyvka has a light coral colour and is characterized by a perfect balance of taste, pleasant aroma and excellent gastronomy. Alc.: 17%. Paring is very broad – from meat dishes to the refined desserts.


U.Gin (Ukrainian Gin)

This is a drink from a new line, from a collection of recipes called ‘‘Modern Ukraine’’. With exceptionally natural juniper berries and spices, they managed to create a product that 100% meets the philosophy of ‘‘Honey Badger’’ – uncompromising quality. Alc.: 37%. Paring: aged cheese or mouldy cheese. It is perfect for cocktails.