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amphorae Sicily

In the blue sea, in white foam…

06.08.2021, News

The wreckage of an ancient Roman ship carrying wine was found off the coast of Sicily.

More recently, we talked about a unique treasure of wine and spirits discovered in the summer residence of the Greek royal family, located near Athens. And today, information about a new find came from Italy: researchers discovered the wreckage of a ship that, according to assumptions, could transport wine and olive oil in the Mediterranean Sea more than 2,000 years ago.

Ceramic amphorae, which were used in ancient Roman times to store and transport wine, were found on the seabed near the wreck of an ancient ship off the north-western coast of Sicily. Scientists date the find to the second century BC.

Experts used a remote-controlled robot to examine the shipwreck at a depth of 92 meters, near the coastal town of Isola delle Femmine and near Palermo.

The amphorae found on the seabed are of the Dressel 1 A type, thick-walled vessels that appeared in ancient Rome at the end of the 2nd century BC and were used to store and transport liquids.

“The Mediterranean Sea has consistently provided us with valuable insights into our history and finds at the bottom of the sea will help to better reconstruct the details and characteristics of the maritime trade of ancient Rome,” said Valeria La Vigni, Sicily’s naval superintendent who leads the project.

Photo: ARPA Sicilia/Soprintendenza del Mare della Regione Siciliana