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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg


28.05.2021, News

The competition will present 1000 samples of the best white wines from 5 continents.

The only competition in the world dedicated to the variety of white wines will take place on October 2 and 3, 2021. The event is held under the patronage of OIV. The organizers say that the list of winners of Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg can be seen as a reflection of global trends and evolution of viticulture on 5 continents.

From year to year, thanks to the support of official wine organizations and the best wine judges from all over the world, white wines from 20 countries compete with each other.

In 2020, the awards were received by winemakers from Austria, Chile, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Chile, which took part in Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg for the first time, won DRY WINE TROPHY in the RIESLING category.

“We aim to gather 1000 samples of the best white wines in the 5 continents. After having celebrated Chile in the latest press book, the 2021 edition’s country of honour is HUNGARY. We are preparing a focus on its wines and vineyards, namely Badacsony and Villány”, the organizers say.

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg

The wines in the competition are divided into 12 categories:

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Chenin
  3. Gewürztraminer
  4. Muscat
  5. Pinot Blanc
  6. Pinot gris
  7. Riesling
  8. Sauvignon
  9. Sylvaner
  10. Viognier
  11. Other grape varieties
  12. Blended wines

Registration is open until August 31st. Any winery can take part in the international competition by paying €98 for a registered sample. Samples are accepted from June 1 to September 10, 2021.

Photo: mondial-vins-blancs.com, csodalatosbalaton.hu