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OenoCo International

Paving the way to the Carpathian Wine Route

26.07.2021, News

The two initiatives by the American-Romanian company OenoCo International, the ‘Carpathian Wine Consortium’ (CWC) and the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’, generated excessive interests from both specialists in the field and the general public in Central and Eastern European countries.

The company has recently established itself as a major player on the international wine stage by opening new markets for wines from the Central and Eastern European region. It has implemented new technologies in the potential of wine producers by offering quality wine certifications for many wineries and notably by organizing the International Economic Forum (IEF2021): ‘The Wine Industry in Eastern Europe: Challenges, Realities and Future Prospects.’

Expanding on the experience of renowned sommeliers, as well as experts from related fields, OenoCo International managed to engage in numerous studies on the wine sector of a number of countries in the aforementioned region, allowing the American-Romanian company to launch the two projects.

During the process of opening new Western markets, OenoCo International concluded that the main limitation of the Central – Eastern European wine sector is the lack of associative formulas (associations/ consortiums, etc.), which are the norm in Western countries.

Therefore, in order to meet the major objective of wineries in this region of Europe, which is export expansion to Western markets, the American-Romanian company is launching CWC during IEF2021, held online on July 30-31, 2021. Beyond optimizing export volumes, CWC will ensure international wine quality standards and will represent a reference point in the relationship with the EU institutions as well as with the national ones in each member country. The CWC aims to protect the interests of its members and also to promote the Central and Eastern European region internationally.

Moreover, OenoCo International’s professionals have recently started focusing on the sector of wine tourism. Taking into consideration the findings from two countries’ case studies – Romania and the Republic of Moldova – one can see the huge potential offered by capitalizing at maximum levels the cultural and geographical realities. All countries encompassed by CWC have fascinating histories, traditions and beautiful geographical formations. That is why, together with the Carpathian Wines Consortium (CWC), OenoCo International is also launching the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ initiative. It is of paramount importance to emphasize the impact of the wine sector on local communities in this Central and Eastern European region. In this respect, one of OenoCo International’s main objective is the sustainable development of rural economies.

Along the same lines of the European project ‘Via Carpatia’ that will connect infrastructures in Central and Eastern European countries, OenoCo International’s project ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ complements the transnational highway, proposing an international promotion of economic and social realities especially cultural diversity. Wineries which are members of CWC will automatically be included in the ‘Carpathian Wine Route’ initiative.

OenoCo International professionals enjoy a strong relationship with renowned names in the wine industry worldwide, many of whom are participants in the international economic forum. They do believe in the OenoCo International’s vision and mission, and they will continue to endorse their projects both regionally and internationally.

OenoCo International’s exhibition of both initiatives will take place during IEF2021. All interested parties can register on the following website