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Spearhead: Scotch whiskey from infrared barrels

15.07.2021, News

Scotland introduced Spearhead Scotch whiskey for production of which infrared barrels have been used.

Spearhead whole grain Scotch whiskey is produced in the Loch Lomond distillery, which is located in the city of Alexandria in the west of Scotland. The uniqueness of the drink is that it is aged in American oak barrels from bourbon, which have been additionally toasted with infrared light.

According to the creators, this procedure allows you to maximize the natural aromas of wood and give the drink “a complex and rich range of sweet notes.” The Scotch whiskey is characterized by a soft velvety taste with notes of violets, black currants, blackberries, vanilla pod, caramel and dark chocolate, making it a light neat dram, or an exciting base for longer drinks and cocktails.

Calum Leslie, Head of Innovation at Loch Lomond Group, said: “We have been working very hard to create an innovative new Scotch Whisky and we are pleased to finally launch Spearhead to market.”

“While this style of whisky is very popular in the Irish and American markets, there isn’t anything comparable in the Scotch sector. Spearhead is one of a kind, championing the single grain, and taking a non-traditional approach to whisky making that will resonate with people new to Scotch. It’s the perfect whisky for those who prefer the sweetness of a bourbon or enjoy a long-whisky based serve, with Spearhead taking a twist on some classic cocktails,” he concludes.

The new Scotch whiskey is already available in the UK for £30 a bottle and will hit supermarket shelves around the world by the end of summer.

Photo: asiantrader.biz