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The Whisky Fair

Ukrainian whisky at The Whisky Fair

21.04.2022, News

A whisky festival will take place on April 23-24, 2022, in Limburg, Germany. Ukraine will be represented by two special releases – GunpowderUA and ResistanceUA.

Since February 24, Ukraine has been under constant enemy fire. The Russian occupier destroys our cities and takes the lives of civilians… The enemy wants to break the spirit of Ukraine and Ukrainians. But this will never happen, because in our blood – the will and strength of our ancestors, in our genes engraved “Testament” (Zapovit), and as long as we remember the lines of the Great Kobzar “And break your heavy chains, And water with the tyrants’ blood, The freedom you have gained ” – we are.

So, despite the excruciating pain, we continue to live and express ourselves to the world, and the world, in turn, supports us in every way. On April 23-24 at The Whisky Fair – one of the largest whiskey festivals in the world, Ukrainian whisky will be presented in two special releases – GunpowderUA and ResistanceUA.

“We set ourselves the goal of telling the international audience about the daily exploits of both the average Ukrainian and our unsurpassed Armed Forces, and it is to their exploits that these whisky releases are dedicated,” said Oleksii Ostrovskii, Head of the Whisky Corner. “All profits will be donated to the Armed Forces and humanitarian volunteer organizations.”

You can support the participation of Ukrainian whiskey in The Whisky Fair by reposting our news or announcement from Whisky Corner. And if someone is in Limburg on April 23-24, Oleksii Ostrovskii invites you to visit the Whisky Corner stand and bring your foreign friends there. “The more of us there will be, the more guests we will be able to convey our idea and the REAL situation in Ukraine now!”

Following this, Oleksii and the Whisky Corner team plan to visit Feis ile 2022 (Islay, Scotland, United Kingdom).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/alex.ostrovskii

Photo: facebook.com/whiskyfair