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Waste from wine production created fuel for racing cars

09.09.2021, News

In recent years, manufacturers have been trying to make environmentally friendly products in various fields to reduce production waste and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Recently, these efforts have led to the creation of a unique fuel.

The process for producing biofuels created by TotalEnergies from wine residues such as wine lees and grape pomace includes industrial fermentation, distillation and dehydration. This base is then blended with ETBE (ethyl tert-butyl ether), which is itself a byproduct of ethanol, and several additives to improve fuel performance.

TotalEnergies has announced its 100% renewable fuel produced on bioethanol basis and made from wine residues from the French wine production would be featured at the World Endurance Championship next season. Teams will use this fuel to fill up their cars at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has supported efforts to develop more sustainable fuel and energy sources for racing cars, including in Formula 1.

Jean Todt, FIA President, said: “Endurance racing, by its nature, has always served as an excellent research and development platform and it is an important milestone to have the FIA World Endurance Championship switching to 100% sustainable fuel. It’s FIA’s major goal to implement sustainable energy sources across its portfolio of motor sport disciplines, thus paving the way in the reduction of CO₂ emission, perfectly reflecting our race-to-road strategy as well as the FIA’s PurposeDriven movement.”

This fuel should allow an immediate reduction of at least 65% of the racing cars’ CO2 emissions.

Previously, several research projects have already explored the possibility of using wine waste to create a renewable fuel. Back in 2008, Prince Charles in the UK converted his Aston Martin to run on fuel made from whey and wine waste from the UK wine industry.

Photo: pixabay.com