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Gastronomy and Wine Portal


Wine and Taste Routes of Ukraine

20.04.2021, News

The Project EU “Support to the development of the system of geographical indications in Ukraine” is coming to an end, but the project initiated by him will develop and support SMBs in rural areas, producers of wines, traditional products, and beverages with the potential of geographical indications.

In order to ensure such sustainable development of the Project, GZ supported the initiative of the public unions “Wine and Taste Route of Ukrainian Bessarabia” and “Taste Route of Prykarpattia” to establish a Public Union “National enogastronomic tourist network ” Wine and Taste Routes of Ukraine”. This organization will unite a wide range of stakeholders (representatives of tourism, agro-industrial, and other tourism-related sectors, scientific and educational organizations, public authorities, local governments, relevant NGOs, individual experts in the field of tourism, agriculture, food technology, geography, marketing, regional development, opinion leaders and other stakeholders), whose joint activities are aimed at developing eon and gastronomic tourism in Ukraine, by creating a system of organized gastronomic routes at the local, regional and national levels. The main purpose of the Public Union is the implementation and protection of rights and freedoms, a satisfaction of social, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and other interests of participants, in particular, in the administration of the project of creation and development of national enogastronomic tourist network sustainable development and the European Green Course. The constituent assembly of the Public Union was held on April 15, 2021.

Olena Motuzenko, National Expert of the GZ Project on gastronomic Tourism and Guaranteed Traditional Features, was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board – President of the”National enogastronomic tourist network ” Wine and Taste Routes of Ukraine”, Valerііа Bondаrenko, National GZ Expert on the Creation and Development of Wine and Taste Routes was elected General Manager of the union.

Iryna Polshakova, President of the Wine and Taste Route of Ukrainian Bessarabia, said: “For two years of working with the EU Project” Support to the Development of Geographical Indications in Ukraine”, we have united, learned to work together, and achieved considerable practical results, we feel the effectiveness of systemic cross-marketing and lifelong learning, and are aware of how important it is for the formation of other Wine and Taste Routes and Taste Routes of other regions of Ukraine, and creation of a system of joint promotion at the national level. So, ready to share their own experience and move forward with the Public Union “National enogastronomic tourist network ” Wine and Taste Routes of Ukraine”. Sincere thanks to the whole team of the GZ Project!”.