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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Wine in a paper bottle released in the UK

29.06.2021, News

Specialized online store The English Vine has released the first paper bottle for English wine, which will sell its own range of wines produced in Essex.

The Frugal Bottle is made in the UK by sustainable packaging company Frugalpac and is five times lighter than a glass bottle.

Inside the paper packaging, there is a recyclable food bag that keeps the wine securely and sealed. The release of paper bottles is one step for the Essex-based retailer and manufacturer to sell all their wines in non-glass bottles by 2026.

According to the seller, a recent survey of 1,700 wine drinkers in the UK found that 63% of the respondents would buy wine in a paper bottle.

As winemakers, I believe we have a responsibility to make positive steps towards more environmentally methods in winemaking. I think packaging is definitely a good place to start,said Neil Walker, founder of The English Vine.

Neil Walker

“I think consumers often view the non-glass packaged options of wine as lower quality, perhaps because in the past it’s fair to say there were some more mass-produced or perhaps lower quality wines which have used this form of packaging. However, we want to lead the way to show that your wine will be just as enjoyable and high quality in a more environmentally friendly packaging such as our new paper bottles,” he added.

Essex will also offer a reusable wine delivery service this summer to The English Vine using an electric wine van.

Company founder Neil Walker explains: Think milk float, but with wine. We’ve created a service which we’ll be offering to local Essex customers. Customers can use our Vine refillable bottles, or just any bottle they have around the house, and we’ll refill them direct from kegs in the van as requested. We will deliver these to the customer’s door and collect their empties on a weekly basis or whenever it suits them.”