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Château Kurin

Château “Chornobayivka” welcomes!

07.04.2022, News

The terrible war that came to our land, taking lives, breaking destinies, destroying homes, unspeakable pain and bloody wounds is etched in the heart of every Ukrainian. But we believe in our Victory! And every good news brings us closer to this bright day.

In March, the Château Kurin winery was barbarically destroyed by invaders in the Kherson region. Fortunately, its owners, the Khalupenko family, were lucky to survive. But you can imagine how people who saw the ashes on the site of their home and mutilated the fruits of their many years of inspired work felt…

Château Kurin

Denys Khalupenko dreamed that tourists from all over the world would come to the hotel they built at the winery, taste wonderful wine and admire the endless steppes of the Kherson region. That’s why he took part in the Wine Travel Awards (WTA) project.

The first good news after the terrible tragedy – Château Kurin was recognized as one of the winners of our award by public vote. So, we are confident that the winery will be rebuilt later, and all the ambitious plans of its owners will be implemented. May the boldest dreams come true!

The second great news we learned from Denys’s post on his FB page: there was a donkey Asiyat – a pet that adorned the wine label Chateau Kurin.

Chateau Kurin

“When the fighting began, he was in the barn. And when we left the winery, we opened the way for him. He wandered through the vineyard with the goats for a few days, and then came to Chornobayivka to our neighbor-farmer, where he is now,” said the owner of Château Kurin.

Château Kurin

Imagine, the donkey did not return anywhere, but to the legendary Chornobayivka! Therefore, the wine with Asiyat on the label should enter the history of Ukrainian winemaking – as a symbol of our stability and victory.

Life goes on. And it is stronger than ruin and death!

We are convinced that the Khalupenko family should not be left alone with their misfortune: Chateau Kurin winemakers have already received many words of support from colleagues and winelovers. Denys Khalupenko posted the monobank card number 5375419907212102 on the social network: everyone who wants to help revive the Kherson winery can join in this way.