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Don Alejandro

08.04.2021, Travel Author: Alexandra Bantysheva

The winery’s owner Alexander Shapovalov, is a sixth-generation winemaker. He was the first among microwinemakers to have received an official production license.

The winery resembles an art object, the bottles design and names are also creative: Metamorphosa, Equilibrium, Haematogenum …

Alesandr Shapovalov

Vineyards: 14 hectares, biodynamic methods are practiced. Besides wines, it produces Pét-Nats. Range: over 30 items. The most vintage one is “Rkatsiteli”, 2013. There are also Pét-Nats from Pinot Noir, Odessa Black, Centaur, Pervenets Maharacha, Aligote, and Muscat Holodryhy.

The winery invites you to tastings of its wines. The program includes a tour, review of the production premises, underground storage facilities and the catacomb-based cellar.