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Moselle Kings

18.05.2021, b2b

 The legacy of F.W. Langguth Erben lives in the seventh generation of winemakers.

Traditional & Modern

When the French revolution started to change the world in 1789, before Germany even existed, Franz Wilhelm Langguth founded a wine-trading company in Traben-Trarbach. Just like the Moselle region is one of Germany’s oldest wine-growing regions, Langguth is one of Germany’s oldest wineries and anknowledged as brand pioneer in modern retail. The Langguth family has lived and worked in the world of wine for seven generations. New grape varieties, new techniques, a new globalised market, new wines – Langguth has developed and maintained its position as a quality provider in this global market for over 200 years.



Back in 1789, when Franz Wilhelm Langguth founded the wine house in Traben-Trarbach on the banks of the Moselle River, nobody would have thought that this charming town would soon have the same importance in wine trading as Bordeaux in France. Today based in the heart of Europe, the F.W. Langguth Erben winery with its own steep sloped vineyards along the Moselle valley cultivates wines mainly in the famous German wine regions of Rheinhessen, Pfalz and Moselle.


From its humble beginnings, the F.W. Langguth Erben winery became one of Germany’s biggest wine producers during the 19th century, and is now one of Europe’s leading companies. Through the last decades Wolfgang Langguth has defined and lived the company’s philosophy of winemaking and brand innovation: delivering top quality wine to customers worldwide while maintaining brand traditions combined with modern, sustainable wine making technology.

Moselle region

Premium Brands

The Langguth Erben product range includes traditional brands such as Erben®, Blue NUN®, Medinet®, and innovative brand ideas such as Villa W. or Sontino® Organic-Vegan. However, brands are not manufactured. They are created in the minds of consumers. This can only be achieved with extraordinary quality and a feel for consumer requirements. A challenge that F.W. Langguth has always felt obliged to meet, making the Langguth Erben brands successful on all continents in more than 100 countries around the globe. F.W. Langguth Erben is now one of Germany’s leading brand name wine producers.

Patrick F.W. Langguth

Patrick F.W. Langguth, CEO and family member in 7th generation:

“Wine producers and sales partners all over the world are united by the desire for satisfied customers and longterm success. Developing a brand within a globalised, everchanging world present new challenges every day. As the head of the 7th generation of the Langguth family, I am pleased to accept the responsibility of meeting these challenges. To me, partnership means maintaining traditions, enhancing quality wareness, taking new directions together and taking forward the development of products and markets. Consumers in more than 100 countries have acknowledged the consistent quality management and the continuous investment in environmentally-friendly cultivation and production of wines using state-of-the-art cellar technology.”


1964 was the year when the “ERBEN” brand was born. “ERBEN” the German word for “heritage” stands for the Langguth family tradition in producing excellent German wines. Just a few years later, Erben® became the best-selling wine brand on the German market. In 1976, ERBEN SPÄTLESE (late harvest) became the most popular Prädikat wine, that is to say highest quality wine, on the German market. With the extended product range, the success story continued unchallenged throughout the following decades. Erben Wines are exclusively obtained from quality-tested vintages from German wine growing areas. The Erben® product range includes 12 wines with maximum quality levels and a distinct flavor and provides with 3 Prädikat wines and 9 varietal wines enjoyment for every occasion and taste. We are delighted and proud to announce that our brand ERBEN has won one of the most important international design awards, RED DOT AWARD: Brands & Communication Design 2020.

For approximately 65 years, the Red Dot Award has provided designers and companies with a platform for the evaluation of design. Only the best-designed brands and communication projects were ultimately selected. The award is a proof of the high design quality. The popularity of the brand is evidenced by the numbers: over 330 million bottles of Erben have been sold over the past 50 years.

Blue NUN goes everywhere

The history of Blue NUN goes further back in the German wine business than the history of the Langguth company itself. NUNs have known how to make exquisite wines for centuries. This is where the Blue NUN brand, the leading premium export brand from F.W. Langguth Erben has its roots. With a brand history going back 100 years, Blue NUN is one of the most important brand name wines outside Germany enjoyed in more then 80 countries. Today, Blue NUN represents wines from the heart of Germany. State-of-the-art cellar technology is the guarantee of consistently high quality. The brand has achieved real cult status over the last few decades, and is a guarantee of successful trade partnerships.

Blue NUN has been present on the Ukrainian market for 8 years and the brand‘s position is getting stronger and stronger. The reason for this is certainly a continuous quality, excellent taste but also the love of the customer for the product, which is not only a wine but also a modern lifestyle product. Also Export Director, Julia Vertgeym, originally from Ukraine is very motivated to strengthen the brand presence in her homeland.

The Blue NUN Riesling won 2020 a silver medal at the prestigeous Mundus Vini competition, the biggest international wine competition with top wines from all over the world.

Photos by F.W. Langguth Erben company