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Soufflet Vigne enters French market with KeyKeg PET

02.06.2021, News

The supplier Soufflet Vigne is investing in the wine deployment of the KeyKeg PET packaging range, with the exclusive distribution of the Dutch brand on the French territory.

KeyKeg PET is an innovation that meets the expectations of players in the wine industry and French consumers. Like many agricultural sectors, the French wine industry is in search of innovations.

French winegrowers are particularly turning to new technologies to better meet consumer expectations.

Thus, in the distribution of wine, customers appreciate entertainment and new drinking experiences. These trends are leading wine merchants to change their business concepts and turn to bars and restaurants to diversify the shopping experience and attract younger customers.

The concept of wine in the barrel KeyKeg, developed by OneCircle, meets these new expectations. Thanks to the use of sophisticated packaging in lightweight PET barrels, its large volume, and its system for reducing the size of the packaging once emptied, the KeyKeg barrel provides:

  • better inventory management across the entire distribution chain,
  • a gain in transport costs and a reduction in waste,
  • a much wider range of wine by the glass for customers.The KeyKeg wine range, available in 10 L, 20 L and 30 L, is now stored and distributed in France by Soufflet Vigne.

Soufflet Vigne

Conquering the French market

Through this partnership with Soufflet Vigne, OneCircle, a Dutch company, aims to establish itself in the various French vineyards. Soufflet Vigne directly and exclusively on the wine market sells the KeyKeg and its accessories as well as the technical after-sales service for filling the KeyKeg. This partnership is first reflected in the takeover, by Soufflet Vigne, of the French customers of OneCircle.

From this sales, marketing, and logistics dynamic, Soufflet Vigne’s objective is to win new customers and bring OneCircle real development on the French market. For Soufflet Vigne, it is also a question of expanding its range of containers and offering an innovative product exclusively in France. The distribution of KeyKeg is part of the innovation policy for the wine industry and offers its customers, future customers and French consumers new possibilities for the distribution and consumption of wine.

A partnership between two companies serving the sustainable sector

The OneCircle company conducts technological research and the development of innovations that meet consumer expectations and are committed to respecting the environment. For nearly 30 years, Soufflet Vigne has offered winegrowers and cooperative cellars a full range of products and services, as well as technical advice, from planting to vine maintenance, including breeding and the conditioning of the wine.

Present in the heart of most of the great French vineyards (Beaujolais, Bordelais, Burgundy, Chablis, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Sancerre, Rhône Valley), Soufflet Vigne is committed to developing innovative solutions that create value for the wine sector, respecting the environment of users and consumers. Beyond its expertise in wine-growing areas, Soufflet Vigne shares values ​​similar to those of OneCircle, in particular in its commitment to sustainable, high-performance and quality sectors, with the objective of enhancing all stages of production of the wine, from the vine to the glass.

Based on the materials from Soufflet Vigne