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Saicho Sparkling tea

Sparkling tea in the line of alcohol-free beverages

14.07.2021, News

Premium sparkling tea brand Saicho goes along with the expending low-to-no alcohol trend and offers ‘non-alcoholic drink that would speak the language of wine’.

Saicho bottles sparkling tea in new formats of 200ml and 750ml. By forming a current proposition, the company hopes to respond to a need of consumers in the low ABV market. Offering a ‘unique and refreshing’ alternative to alcohol drinks may help the Saicho brand to build stronger connection with their consumer base.

“Rather like a single estate wine, each tea has been selected from different regions, harvested at a certain time to create varying acidities, sweetness and mouthfeel that would complement certain foods and flavours rather than overpower them”, Saicho indicated.

Here we talk about completely new experience of food and drink pairing. 24 hours are needed to cold-brew Saicho teas. They are ‘lightly sweetened’ with grape juice. Darjeeling, Jasmine and Hojicha compose the tea range.

Charlie Winkworth-Smith, founder of Saicho, reflected on the launch: “At Saicho we are on a mission to bring sparkling tea to the drinks receptions and dining tables of the world. Whether eating in a fine dining restaurant, enjoying a drink at a wine bar or just at home with family and friends, the new size bottles allow Saicho teas to be enjoyed in new ways and are a direct response to the suggestions of our customers and stockists. We hope that our knowledge, passion, hard work and hands-on approach shines through in every glass.”

The price of 750ml Saicho tea bottle compiles £10.99. And 200ml will be sold in packs of 6 for £19.99.

Photo: Saicho