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Tasting Competition

The best microwinemakers have been identified!

30.03.2021, News

Results of VI All-Ukrainian Tasting Competition «Variety and Terroir. Microwinemaking».

Despite the pandemic and on the eve of the next lockdown in Ukraine on March 19 in Odessa (at Business Centre «Aquarelle»), the traditional VI All-Ukrainian Tasting Competition «Variety and terroir. Microwinemaking» took place. Given the circumstances, we may state that the forum brought together real heroes: 18 participants from 10 regions of Ukraine submitted their wines for assessment by the reputable jury. Indeed, the Ukrainian winemaking is a journey for those who are brave, because they are the ones who dare to grow vines and invest into equipment in the country’s current conditions.

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Conducting such event also required courage on the part of the organizers: All-Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers, the Association of Caviste of Ukraine and the first Ukrainian School of Sommeliers «Master Class».

The communication media group Drinks+ (Drinks+ magazine, drinks.ua portal, Drinks’o’Clock online newspaper) acted as the General Information Partner of the Competition.

Assessment of wines produced by the Ukrainian microwinemakers took place pursuant to the following parameters:

  • General assessment during blind tasting under Robert Parker’s 100-point wine-scoring scale.
  • Determination of «The Competition’s Absolute Winner» (the wine that received the highest points from the jury).
  • Determination of the Competition’s winners in nominations by the variety-based principle.
  • Tasting from «Focus Group of Restaurateurs» in Odessa («public tasting»).

Ricardo F. Nunez

The Competition’s professional jury (11 people) headed by the owner of Vinos de La Luz group of companies Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez tasted 86 samples of wines.

The results were quite unexpected: the highest award went to a newcomer – a brand that has just entered the Ukrainian market.

«The Competition’s Absolute Winner» – TM De Laransa, Kharkiv Region, dry red wine «Merlot, 2019».

Winners of the Competition’s nominations:

  • Serhiy Kovalenko, KSW Wine House, Cherkasy Region: Red Dessert – «Love story, 2020»;
  • Boris Pecker, Home Wine From Boris, Nikolaev: Red dry from a local variety – «Odessa Black, 2019»;
  • TM Fathers wine, Ternopil Region: White dry from a local variety – «Muscat Ottonel, 2020»;
  • TM NAROVYLO, Kyiv Region. – Red Blend, dry wine «Cabernet Merlot, 2019»;
  • LLC Grapes – Odessa, Odessa Region. This winery won in 2 nominations: Pink Dry – «Pinot Noir, 2020», and White dry from Chardonnay – «Chardonnay, 2020»;
  • Volodymyr Simakin – TM Simakin Family Winery, Dnipropetrovsk Region: White dry from Riesling – «Riesling, 2020»;
  • LLC Prestige Group, Odessa: Reservoir Sparkling – «Pink Brut Prestige»;
  • Oleksandr Kosyanchuk, Kyiv Region: Red dry from Cabernet Sauvignon – «Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019».

Natalia Blagopoluchna, President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommelier shared her impressions and comments related to tasting with Drinks +:

  • The absolute winner of the Competition is red dry «Merlot, 2019» by TM De Laransa. The wine pleasantly surprised all members of the jury. Saturated dark ruby ​​color, its aroma is determined by ripe plum, black berries, and prunes in chocolate. The taste is balanced, with a pleasant note of black berries and pickled sweet plums. The wine is full-bodied, the variety is immediately recognizable. Berry aftertaste, with a slight bitterness of the grapeseed.
  • Reservoir Sparkling «Pink Brut Prestige». Great wine for spring and summer! It has a beautiful light pink color, persistent mousse and long-lasting perlage. The aroma is determined by ripe red berries (raspberries, strawberries), and spring flowers. The taste is bright, pleasant, with a balance of acidity,  barberry notes and viburnum aftertaste. One of the best pink bruts in Ukraine.
  • Pink dry «Pinot Noir, 2020» from TM Grapes – Odessa. During blind tasting of this wine, it was interesting to keep an eye on the jury members: to see how the expressions on their faces changed with each new stage of tasting. From curiosity to surprise: is it indeed a wine produced in Ukraine? No, it is burgundy rosé! How balanced this wine was in terms of aroma and taste! Light shades of red berries and ripe raspberries were felt in both aroma and taste! The wine was very much admired by all members of the jury.

The winners received diplomas and cash prizes from the prize fund partner – TM RUMKA ONLINE (LLC Privat-Alco).


«The Competition’s Absolute Winner» and «Winners of the Competition Nominations» will present their wines at VII International Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers at InterContinental Hotel (Kyiv) on November 20, 2021.

The event ended with the traditional «Winemakers’ Dinner», where a master class was conducted by Ricardo F. Nunez, Chairman of the Jury. Dr. Nunez has his own premium wine production facilities in 4 countries and on two continents.


His team includes the most talented oenologists who have a bold, creative thinking, so he did have something to tell the audience. He emphasized the importance of developing micro-winemaking for each wine-producing country. Ricardo F. Nunez expressed his confidence in the future of Ukrainian winemaking and wished all those present determination in achieving their goals.