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Географічне зазначення – «ЗакарпаттяЗакарпатське вино»


30.05.2024, News

After many years of work, the Public Union “Vinegrowers and Winemakers of Transcarpathia” has officially received the Geographical Indication (GI) – “Zakarpattia / Vyno Zakarpattia”, and the corresponding certificate of the state model.

The Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation reports that the Geographical indication “Zakarpattia / Vyno Zakarpattia” can be assigned to white, rosé and red wines produced in the southwestern part of the Transcarpathian region, where the Pannonian plain ends and passes into the slopes Carpathian Mountains of Transcarpathian region. We are talking about the lands of Berehiv, Uzhgorod, Khust and Mukachiv districts.”

Wineries that have a license and are members of the “Vinegrowers and Winemakers of Transcarpathia” will be able to use this name. Currently, these are: Chateu Chizay and, as a wine expert Olga Toiichkina just informed the editors of D+, winemakers Oleksandr Shatalov (Kohanovska Winery), Milan Berynets (Terroir Farm), Andriy Fechora and Christian Sass (Sass K. Winery) have joined literally today. Mrs. Olga commented on this event: “Our volunteer team worked for five years and finally today, after many years of work, the “Vinegrowers and Winemakers of Transcarpathia” has officially received the geographical indication “Zakarpattia / Vyno Zakarpattia” and the corresponding state certificate.

The process of formation of geographical indications on the territory of Ukraine continues, opening to us magical corners of our country, terroirs and names of winemakers. We would like to remind you that the Association of Grape Growers, Winemakers and Distillers of Transcarpathia is currently working on the design of another, incredibly interesting GI – Wines of the Silver Land.

Therefore, the certificate for the “Zakarpattia/Vyno Zakarpattia” is only the first step on the way to this exciting process. “This is a step towards the recognition and preservation of the unique wine-making heritage of our region,” Viktor Mykyta, head of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, wrote on his social media page. Mr. Gennadiy Gutman, founder of the “Vinegrowers and Winemakers of Transcarpathia” and owner of the exemplary Ukrainian farm Chateau Chizay, shared further plans: “Now is a new stage: practical work on implementation will continue. We are already developing clear rules for granting the right to label the wines of Zakarpattia producers with a geographical indication. French and Hungarian colleagues were asked for a detailed methodology in order to use the best practices. Of course, these will be only legal producers. Our team intends to provide winemakers with the most detailed and understandable “road map” for obtaining the right to use a geographical indication. Absolutely transparent. We are pleased that immediately after receiving the geographical indication, five “small” producers wrote an application to join our Public Union. We invite everyone! We are doing a common thing for the region and the wines of Transcarpathia. We unite Transcarpathians!”

The corresponding certificate of the state model was handed over to Gennady Gutman. A delegation headed by Bohdan Paduchak, first deputy director of the state organization “Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovations” arrived at the Regional State Administration to present the certificate.

Source: ukrpatent.org, nta.ua
Photo: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040194801912, Serhii Hudak for Chateau Chizay