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Wine Travel Awards in 2021

Wine Travel Awards. How to attract a wine tourist?

08.06.2021, Awards

Despite the difficulties of the modern period and the traditional problems of winemaking, there are always creative projects that can overcome them. The new Wine Travel Awards offers such an effective solution.

WTA – an award of a new format: rather a marketing campaign than a rating

Today, wine tourism is a tool for promoting both industrial winemaking and small winemakers, whose number is growing in the world. Additionally the institution of wine and gastronomic guides and ambassadors is actively developing, wine routes are being formed, as well as the Routes of Taste.

And so, with the aim of supporting new professions – wine guides, ambassadors, wine bloggers, as well as destinations and particular objects – wineries, wine museums, local products, etc. our media group founded the annual Wine Travel Awards in 2021.

The Wine Travel Awards is an award of a new format, not really a rating but an informational, marketing campaign to draw attention to people, regions, and wines of the countries represented. The Wine Travel Awards during the current year of the award promotes the nominees through a hybrid marketing strategy adapted to the conditions of lockdowns and the post-pandemic period, which connects online, offline resources and specialized events.

Wine tourism is our strong point

The main goal of the award is to support the tourism and wine industries which suffered from the lockdown and today need first of all be promoted rather than simply subsidized.

After all, as you know, tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world. It brought in $ 8.8 trillion in 2018 and grew faster than the global economy. Moreover, this trend was observed in the before-Covid period for eight years in a row.

Wine tourism also showed very attractive numbers, bringing in $ 150 billion a year. At the same time, it is well known while the average tourist spends 50 euros per day, the wine and gastronomic tourist spends 200 euros per day.

An interesting research on this topic was carried out by the German University Geisenheim during 2017 and 2018. And it concluded that in some wine-growing regions, wine tourism often has a greater economic impact than winemaking itself. More importantly, wine tourism is seen as one of the key factors for sustainable regional development, as it creates jobs and at the same time protects and promotes cultural heritage. The results of an online survey among German winemakers resulted in the following figures: wine tourism accounts for 24% of the winery’s commercial turnover. Moreover, the smaller the size of the winery, the higher this percentage. For example, in the case of a winery with a production area of ​​up to 7 hectares, wine tourism services account for more than a third of the company’s turnover. This share is expected to increase in the coming years.

Geisenheim University concludes that wine tourism is vital to the survival of small businesses and practically provides for the existence of wine families.

However, Covid-19 has had a profound impact on the wine tourism industry. A survey by winetourism.com among 1203 wineries in 34 countries showed that 32% of wineries lost 50 to 80% of their previous income due to lack of tourism, while another 20% reported losses of more than 80%. In addition, 58% said that until 2022 they do not expect wine tourism to return to its previous course, as it was before the pandemic. And projects like our Wine Travel Awards are designed to accelerate the recovery process in the sector.

Nominees – influencers and ambassadors

We have developed 6 nominations, among which are both objects of wine roads – primarily hospitable wineries and hotels with wine initiatives, and ambassadors – people, associations, national wine bureaus and other organizations that contribute to the development of wine tourism.

We would like to draw special attention to the Wine & Food Influencer nomination – these are wine journalists, as well as food photographers, operators and bloggers writing about wine in all countries of the world. The involvement of this category in the Wine Travel Awards community increases significantly the awareness of both the award itself and its other nominees – wineries, wine roads, distilleries, restaurants, bars, and so on.

WTA Nominations


The Wine Travel Awards nominations are a kind of club cards that open the doors to a professional community of wine enthusiasts. At the same time, for a purely symbolic annual fee, the nominee receives an annual advertising campaign at the international level in 8 countries of the world. Anyone who contacts our editorial office at contact@winetravelawards.com for more information will be able to make sure that the prize is an extremely economical project. Recall, by the way, that very significant funds are spent on the marketing of destinations in the world. Let us say, on average, a European country spends almost 32 million euros a year on promoting a tourism product. But hardly anyone needs to be reminded that all of us today need to be especially frugal 🙂 .

Geography & Audience

In 2021-2022, the campaign will be conducted at two levels – national, in each individual country, and at the global international. The list of key countries for the Wine Travel Awards presentation for the coming year includes 8 countries.

The project will be presented at the most authoritative wine exhibitions in the world: ProWein (Germany), London Wine Fair (Great Britain), Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris (France), Vinitaly (Italy), Alimentaria (Spain), at Wine Days in Moldova and Georgia, and at Wine & Spirits Ukraine in November 2021.

We decided to focus not just on tourism exhibitions, but specifically on wine expohabs. Indeed, this very audience coincides 100 percent with the key audience of the award nominees and is the most active in terms of wine tourism. Participants and guests of these exhibitions are the very same potential tourist who is ready to travel along any wine route, despite the lack of good roads and a small number of comfortable hotels.

Moreover, we are sure that this very audience is also potential investors for wine tourism in Eastern Europe and winemaking in general.

How does it work?

The task of the Wine Travel Awards is to find, attract the leading wineries of the regions, restaurants with local food and local wines, hospitable spa hotels using wine products, the brightest ambassadors and effective guides working in underrated and little-known destinations who create ongoing excursions and discover new wine corners of the planet to participate in the project, and to present them in the magazine, on websites and in other media.

The Wine Travel Awards nominees will be presented:

  • in Drinks+ magazine and in a special final issue – a premium edition – a guide released for the Wine Travel Awards for distribution at the world’s leading wine events.
  • online on the information resources of our media group, on the special award site of winеtravelawards.com, as well as on the resources of information partners.
  • at events and round tables with the involvement of leading wine road operators and the specialized press.
  • at tastings of wines and regional specialties organized in countries where an audience of actively traveling wine tourists has formed.
  • at the world’s largest wine exhibitions.

The winners will be determined in two stages: first, a vote will take place on winеtravelawards.com, and then a competent jury, which includes 11 authoritative personalities from the world of wine and gastronomy, will choose the names of those who will receive the Wine Travel Awards from among the finalists.

However, in the Wine Travel Awards, thanks to the progressive concept, there are no losers. Even if someone does not get the final prizes, all participants receive an annual promotion program on the information resources of the award.

What do sponsors and award nominees get?

Firstly, entering the international professional community Wine Travel Awards, which means useful business contacts, expanding opportunities for attracting customer flows to your own facility or services.

Secondly, during the year, promotion on the resources of the award, which means an increase in brand awareness, attracting guests, and possibly investors.

Well, the winners, like the icing on the cake, receive prizes and awards from the Wine Travel Awards. These are, first of all, wine tours, visits to master classes at leading exhibitions and wineries of the world, educational programs.

The International Wine Travel Awards is an effective tool to re-boost both domestic and foreign tourism. The winners of the award will be objects of wine tourism from different countries. But, perhaps, it is for Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe that this is the most necessary and important project.

Even now, although the advertising campaign of the award starts only in September, judging by the preliminary reviews of experts, it is obvious that winemakers will appreciate its capabilities, reliability, cost-effectiveness and win-win participation.

From June 1, we open registration of nominees. The earlier we receive an application for nominations, the more extensive marketing program you can get.