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Wine Travel Awards judges: all the stars come to us!


The organizing committee of the Wine Travel Awards (WTA), international awards of a new format in the field of wine tourism, with the support of Drinks+ Communication Media Group, is pleased to present a brilliant pool of judges who are to name the winners of the WTA 2021-2022.

The organizers of the Wine Travel Awards managed to attract world-renowned experts, specializing in various aspects of the world of wine and wine tourism, to the project.

Veronika Busel

Veronika Busel, the Wine Travel Awards Managing Partner, commented on the completion of this extremely important stage for the awards: “It is a great honour to work with experts of this level within the framework of the awards. We are grateful to them and are encouraged that all these outstanding industry professionals supported our idea.

And this is really important for the whole community of professionals in the wine and enogastronomic sphere, as well as wine lovers, whom we plan to unite within the framework of the project.

Each member of the jury is our pride; we are grateful to everyone for the trust shown and for the time they are ready to devote to studying the profiles of the nominees because they are entrusted with the honourable task of choosing the winners.”

We are presenting the members of the panel of judges – 11 experts from around the world in the field of enogastronomy and tourism, marketing and journalism, wine business and education.

Felicity Carter

Felicity Carter, Executive Editor, Pix+ Special Projects, an editor, public speaker of international wine events and wine judge, former editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International.

Fiona Morrison

Fiona Morrison, MW, Managing Director of Thienpont Wine, an international wine merchant and négociant and with her husband, Jacques Thienpont, runs their three Bordeaux estates, Le Pin in Pomerol, L’IF in Saint Emilion and L’Hêtre in Castillon.

Ricardo Nunez

Dr. Ricardo Nunez, Head of the international group of companies Vinos de La Luz, which unites wineries in Spain, Italy, Argentina and the United States. He was born in Argentina. As a grandson and son of winemakers, he grew up in the vineyards of the Andean Cordilleras and explored every corner of the Uco Valley. Dr. Nunez is an investor participating in the development of the wine-growing market of Ukraine, also thanks to his new company Wine Gallery. Mr. Nunez currently plans the production of his own products on the territory of Ukraine.

Philippe Massol

Philippe Massol, General Director of the unique and pioneering project – La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. He was at the origins of the creation of the museum of the same name in Bordeaux. He got marketing education and a diploma from the University of Poitiers. He has extensive experience in the consulting business, as well as in the development of tourist destinations.

Olga Bussinello

Olga Bussinello, a private entrepreneur, brand consultant, legal consultant for food and wine companies. For ten years, she worked as a Director of the Consorzio per la Tutela Vini Valpolicella (Italy). She holds a law degree. Ms. Bussinello dealt with economic issues in several sectors, in particular in the food industry.

Einat Klein

Einat Klein, a journalist, photographer, historian, professional traveller, guide to the Middle East and Africa, wine expert and wine producer (Israel). She studied the Middle East at Bar-Ilan University. Founder of Travel Lab Ethiopia. Owner and founder of Vino & Co, a company that organizes regular educational tastings.

Gergely Szolnoki

Gergely Szolnoki, Professor of Market Research at Geisenheim University (Germany) and honorary professor of Wine and Beverage Management & Marketing at the University of West Attica (Athens/Greece). His research fields cover consumer behaviour, communication and social media, organic wines, market analysis and wine tourism. In addition to his scientific activities, Gergely is a delegated expert in the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) in the fields of wine economics and statistics.

Per Karlsson

Per Karlsson, a co-founder and wine writer of BKWine Magazine, one of the world’s leading wine tour operators, a co-author of eleven wine books (including “Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture”), an internationally awarded, professional wine and travel photographer.

Saverio Savio

Saverio Savio, a leader of projects funded by the European Union and aimed at the development of integration processes in the region. In particular, for three years, he headed a team of specialists who supported the Development of a Geographical Indications system in Ukraine. Currently, he is a leader of the project group working on the termination of the use of the name “cognac” for products originating in Armenia and the development of a new name of brandy in Armenia.

Stéphane Badet

Stéphane Badet, a lecturer at ISVV – Institute of Vine and Wine Science at the University of Bordeaux, one of the world’s leading educational institutions, as well as a lecturer at such a prestigious university as EPL Bordeaux. He specializes in wine economy, industry management, business, marketing and tourism for many years, has extensive experience as an expert and consultant in various cooperation and sustainable development programs in the field of winemaking around the world, together with Interco NA, FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of France, French and German embassies.

Maximilian Tafel

Maximilian Tafel, an enologist by profession, studied International Wine Business at Geisenheim University and the University of Giessen. Having gained practical experience in the wine industry, he wrote his dissertation on tourism in the wine-growing regions of Germany. He currently works for the AMBITO project which aims to strengthen biodiversity in the wine-growing regions of Germany.

In April 2022, this team of professionals will select the winners of the first Wine Travel Awards.

“We are convinced,” says Veronika Busel, “that the developed format is a new word for the entire industry, and it will contribute to the development of wine and wine tourism in particular, and the development of regions in general. The main goal of the Wine Travel Awards is to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by interacting with new progressive representatives of the industry, uniting the community, providing additional tools and opportunities for business development and promoting the digitalization of wine tourism.

And such a stellar pool of judges is another proof of the interest of the world wine community in this project.

The largest professional exhibitions in the world have shown interest, becoming platforms for the presentation of the awards: Prowein (Germany), London Wine Fair (Great Britain), Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris (France), Vinitaly (Italy), Alimentaria (Spain), as well as a number of regional organizations specializing in wine tourism. The names of our partners and sponsors – everyone who supported us and who is still planning to do so, you can find at all offline events that will take place starting from November – during the period when the awards officially start, and the registration of nominees begins. You can also follow the course of events on our website winetravelawards.com. Join the Wine Travel Awards – an international wine tourism community created to bring travel back into our lives and brighten the world of wine. Let’s do it together!”

Wine Travel Awards

The Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022 Calendar (November 2021 – November 2022):

  • September 2021 – October 2021 – Start of the WTA promotional campaign. Formation of an international panel of judges.
  • September 2021 – February 2022 – Registration of nominees (don’t miss your chance!).
  • November 2021 – the launch of the www.winetravelawards.com website, the beginning of the announcement of the nominees for the awards on the sites winetravelawards.com and drinks.ua, in the Drinks+ magazine, as well as on the resources of the information partners of the awards.
  • November 2021 – May 2022 – a large-scale international advertising campaign: events will be held in different countries, including presentations at professional exhibitions, drawing attention to the WTA nominees. Events will be actively covered on all the resources of the Drinks+ Media Group, as well as on the websites of sponsors and partners.
  • February-March 2022 – public voting on winetravelawards.com
  • March-April 2022 – processing of voting results by a professional jury and determination of the winners.
  • March 2022 – Release of the Wine Travel Awards guide which will be distributed at the exhibitions and events around the world.
  • May 2022 – the awards ceremony of the Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022 (Italy).
  • May-November 2022 – placement of winners and sponsors of the Wine Travel Awards on the information resources of Drinks+ Media Group and its partner media.

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