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Winery Narovylo

Winery Narovylo

11.04.2021, Travel Author: Alexandra Bantysheva

Winery Narovylo is one of the most promising microwineries in Ukraine. Its founder and chief winemaker is Valeriy Narovylo.

The winery has Italian equipment: several presses, crusher, as well as tanks for primary and secondary fermentation, and reservoirs with floating lids for storing wine materials.

In 2014, Valeriy Narovylo obtained a conclusion confirming high quality of his wines from the laboratory of the National University of Food Technologies.

Валерий Наровило.

Over the years, he has achieved a lot both in terms of quality and range variety. The winemaker has achieved prominent results in both vectors: mastering still wines and trying his hand with sparkling classics. His experiments with the release of Pét-Nats may also be defined as successful. During VI All-Ukrainian Tasting Competition “Variety and terroir. Micro-winemaking”, Narovylo Cabernet-Merlot 2019 won in the “The Best Red Blend” nomination.

In addition, Narovylo produces whiskey. At the Craft Ukrainian Whiskey tasting competition, which was held in 2020 by the Ukrainian Craft Distillers Association, Narovylo whiskeys ranked second and third in the category “Aged whiskey from other raw materials”: TM Narovylo’s corn-based whiskey with added rye ranked second, and TM Narovylo’s rye- and rye-malt-based whiskey ranked third. We predict that Valeriy Narovylo will surprise the admirers of his craftsmanship more than once, due to his brilliant new drinks.