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Anastasiia Sydorenko

Anastasiia Sydorenko from Ukraine is the first ambassador of Bulgarian wine in Ukraine

15.04.2022, News

At a special ceremony organized by the Bulgarian Winemaking and Export Association (BWEA) and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), a plaque for “Ambassador of Bulgarian Wine” in Ukraine was presented to Anastasiia Sydorenko.

The title “Wine Ambassador” of Bulgarian wine will be awarded annually to individuals who have proven themselves in the promotion of Bulgarian wine abroad.

Last year BWEA launched a large-scale project to promote Bulgarian wine in Ukraine with a number of activities, thanks to the consulting company of Anastasiia Sydorenko “Tempus Vino”, engaged in consulting for new wines on the Ukrainian market, training, and presentations for professionals and for end customers.

Bulgarian wine

The Bulgarian Winemaking and Export Association managed to impose Bulgarian wines and awaited the first orders just before the start of the war in Ukraine.

“The project is frozen for one year, and we all hope to start again our planned activities from 2023″, said Galina Niforou, President of BWEA. “By awarding Anastasiia Sydorenko the title of “Wine Ambassador” of Bulgarian wine in Ukraine, we want to express our gratitude for the great work done by her company over the past year and show the commitment of the Bulgarian wine industry to the inhuman invasion of Ukraine. We want to convey a positive message and assure our Ukrainian partners that we all hope that the war will end soon and that the Ukrainian people will return to their normal way of life”, Niforu concluded.

Anastasiia Sydorenko

“It is a great honor for me to be the voice that will spread the word and knowledge about Bulgarian wine in Ukraine. Special thanks to Galina Nifooru and the Bulgarian Winemaking and Export Association for choosing me to be part of the Europe Shares program and giving me this incredible opportunity”, said Anastasiia Sydorenko excitedly during the award ceremony.

At the cocktail party after the official part, the guests of the celebration raised a toast with the wines of Katarzyna Estate, Aya Estate, Château Copsa, Bononia estate, Zlaten Rozhen winery, Via Vinera Winery and Rupel Wine Cellar –  all members of BWEA who actively participated in the promotion of Bulgarian wine in Ukraine last year.

Bulgarian wine

Galina Niforou is the Managing Director of the Balkans International Wine Competition, whose media partner is Communication Media Group Drinks+. Drinks+ invites Ukrainian winemakers to take part in the most prestigious Balkan wine competition. Participation of winemakers from Ukraine is free of charge. At the Balkans International Wine Competition, the Wine Travel Awards team will hold a tasting of our nominees’ and sponsors’ wines, as well as present Ukrainian wines. The competition will take place from 1 to 3 June in Salamis (Greece).