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E-commerce: significant growth by 2025

28.12.2021, News

The results of the IWSR study, a leading source of data, analysis and insights on the global alcoholic beverages market, were recently presented.

According to new IWSR research, online alcohol sales in key global markets will grow by 66% by 2025 and reach more than $ 42 billion.

Among the countries, which the IWSR study focused on, the cost of e-commerce in 2019 increased by about 12%, and in 2020, during the pandemic, by almost 43%.

In 2025, the IWSR predicts that e-commerce will account for about 6% of the total volume of the off-trade segment of the beverage market, compared to less than 2% in 2018. And the largest growth is on the world’s leading market for online alcohol sales – the United States, where the average annual growth was about 20%.


China, which now accounts for a third of the total cost of e-commerce, is not expected to grow as fast, but will still make a significant contribution. Research has also shown that online business models for selling alcohol are becoming more diverse.

According to Guy Wolfe, IWSR’s strategic insight manager, e-commerce has become more commonplace for many consumers, strengthening its position as a third channel for buying alcohol.

About a quarter of consumers report buying alcohol online, and two-thirds made their first purchase before the pandemic. In China, the largest share of online shoppers among all alcohol buyers is almost 60%, and in the United States – the highest share of online shoppers who made their first purchase during the pandemic (54%).

Wine is one of the main categories of alcoholic beverages among online sales (accounting for about 40% of the total value of e-commerce), excluding China, Colombia, Mexico and Nigeria, where spirits are the leaders in online sales.

Over the next five years, beer, cider and RTDs (ready-to-drink) are expected to grow significantly. They now account for less than one-fifth of the total cost of e-commerce.

Based on the material of theiwsr.com