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Napa Valley

Napa Valley winemakers produce cider, beer and spirits

22.11.2021, News

Californian winemakers decided to produce drinks other than wine to show the world that Napa Valley is not only about viticulture.

Winemakers from Treasury Wine Estates, David Arthur Vineyards, Daylight Wines & Spirits and E&J Gallo have expanded their product lines, according to reports in the Napa Valley Register.

Napa Valley winemakers

“We were excited about dealing with a different fruit. There are some really cool orchards with five or 10 or 50 trees all over the place, and people don’t know what to do with them. This was a good way for us to explore those corners of Napa and try our hand at something different,” after all, he reminded: “We deal with grapes all day, every day,” said Treasury Wine Estates director of technical viticulture, sustainability and research, Will Drayton, who is also a co-creator of Sawhorse Ciders.

Sawhorse Ciders

Winemaker from David Arthur Vineyards Nile Zacherle is going to expand his range of beer production: “after two decades of making wine, the idea was to approach beer with more of a winemaker lens. I want people to think about beer on a different level. I think the challenge is getting people to look at beer differently and to be a little bit more open minded.”

Nile is the co-founder of Mad Fritz Brewing, a brewery that offers 14 beer varieties, including “The King and the Frogs” with a recipe dating back to the 13th century. The winemaker-brewer is convinced that this beer will help consumers understand how complex and multi-layered it can be.

“These are time machine beers that take you back in time with ingredients that add a whole other dimension of flavours. That is the journey – exploring all the flavours and dynamics and layers of beer that these different origins can provide, not just producing something that people want or think they want,” said Zacherle.

Napa Valley bourbon

Andy Wahl, co-founder of Daylight Wine and Spirits, is expanding his bourbon production. The drink is aged in wine barrels. The winemaker says that the idea came to him one evening when he poured himself whiskey into a glass with the remnants of Pinot. “I immediately noticed how it changed the colour of the whiskey, and it was a bit more aromatic.” Wahl uses three-to four-year-old barrels to infuse his bourbon with berry notes.

Winemakers at E. & J. Gallo say they set aside large quantities of wine for distillation in order to then produce products from the California Brandy House, which they founded, to demonstrate that California has much more to offer the consumer, even in lean years.

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Photo: facebook.com/davidarthurvineyards, davidarthur.com, folksland.net