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Совы вместо химикатов

Owls instead of chemicals. The new decision of California winemakers

21.10.2021, News

Napa Valley winemakers began using owls to control rodents in an effort to get away with pesticides.

According to the Good News Network, California winemakers are increasingly using barn owls (birds from the order owls) in their vineyards.

In accordance with the nonprofit organization Napa Green, the trend towards chemical-free grape cultivation across the state is reflected in a threefold increase in organic vineyard acreage since 2005. But avoiding chemicals attracts rodents. One of the most effective pest controls in the world is the barn owl, which lives on all continents except Antarctica, the bird is capable of eating about 3400 rodents annually.

Совы вместо химикатов

Matt Johnson, a professor who studied pest control in vineyards, reports that of 75 California winemakers, four-fifths build nests on their hectares, thereby attracting owls. “There are over 300 barn owl nests in the Napa Valley,” comments Johnson.

Local ornithologist John C. Robinson says a barn owl nest can be built in an area where a winemaker sees a problem with small mammals and a bird will come to the rescue.

Scientists are now urging other winemakers to think about this solution: firstly, it is an opportunity to let the species flourish, and secondly, it is the cheapest way to control pests.