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Gastronomy and Wine Portal




SHUMI is the first company in Georgia, which in 2002 offered eno-gastronomic tourism services to customers.

In 2003, in order to preserve the integrity of the genetics of Georgian autochthonous grape varieties, SHUMI created the First Private Ampelographic Collection in Georgia, which today is considered the largest private collection in the world with more than 1500 grape varieties from different countries. To this day, the company successfully fulfills this historic mission, with great enthusiasm continues to find and return rare grape varieties both from local private vineyards and from various collections around the world. Although the Georgian gene pool is rich in unique wine grape varieties which allow you to create ideal wines, today, unfortunately, a large number of grape varieties are forgotten and are not used for economic purposes and wine production. The SHUMI Ampelographic Collection, which serves as a basis for scientific research, is included in the list of the FAO and has its own unique code. At this unique facility, Georgian, French, Italian and Japanese scientists conduct research, experimental work, seminars for students and employees of various educational institutions.


In addition to the production of wine and various alcoholic beverages, SHUMI has many other, no less significant and unique activities. SHUMI is the first company in Georgia, which in 2002 offered eno-gastronomic tourism services to customers. To date, SHUMI Tourist Complex has no analogues in the world, both in infrastructure and in operation. Nowhere else will you find so many examples of Georgian culture gathered in one space as in SHUMI.

Visitors to SHUMI have the opportunity to delve into the history of Georgia and get acquainted with its culture. Here they can meet the heroes and gods of Georgian mythology, depicted on stone frescoes and painted by Saperavi wine, the Georgian alphabet, the largest private collection of vines in the world, where they get acquainted with grape varieties created by folk selection for thousands of years, and taste grapes.


In 2005, SHUMI created the first Wine Museum in Georgia, which contains ancient household items and the oldest exhibits of winemaking. The oldest artifacts of the museum are more than 6,000 years old.

In the Ethnographic Pavilion, guests can learn about Georgian eno-gastronomic traditions, attend various interesting and fun master classes and other events, participate in the traditional Georgian Supra with toastmaster and polyphonic songs performed by the SHUMI ensemble, take part in various rituals, such as the Qvevri Opening and the Lazarus Ritual.

On a regular basis, SHUMI is the winner in the nomination «BEST AWARD FOR WINE TOURISM» within the framework of the National Tourism Award «WELCOME TO GEORGIA», as well as receives TripAdvisor award «Travelers’ Choice». The territory of the SHUMI Tourist Complex is recognized as «the most beautiful place in Georgia». Also, SHUMI is the winner in the nomination «THE BEST PLACE FOR GASTRONOMIC REGIONAL TOURISM».

For the first time in the history of Georgia, SHUMI WINERY became the winner in the nomination «BEST PRACTICE RELATED TO ARCHAEOBOTANY IN WINE TOURISM» at the international competition in Sicily, organized by the Council of Europe.