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Cotnar. New era


The company Cotnar is a legend of Transcarpathia. Located near the town of Beregovo, in the village of Muzhievo, the winery has been reviving the centuries-old traditions of the region since 1996, combining classical methods with modern approaches. It should be emphasized that 2020 became the starting point for its modern history and will be followed by another, much higher stage of the company’s evolution.

Cotnar’s ambitious young team has set new goals and is successfully implementing them: the product lines have been updated, and Ukrainian wine lovers familiarized themselves with the wines of a different level under the brand name Cotnar, which had been introduced into the market last year.

The team’s ambitions are not limited to the domestic market, where the company and its wines – for example, the line of light and fresh Gorobchiki – are already in great demand. The Transcarpathian winemakers are developing plans for international expansion; in the near future, they are going to present Cotnar – a key brand of one of Ukraine’s historical wine regions – to the foreign wine connoisseurs. Nature has generously endowed this mountainous region: mineral springs saturate the slopes with valuable elements; its favorable climate is characterized by mild winters and long warm summers, with an optimal number of sunny days. All these factors create ideal conditions for growing grapes, and in symbiosis with a hard work and experience on the part of the professionals, contribute to the birth of unique wines.


Among the picturesque Carpathian landscapes, there are 160 hectares of well-tended Cotnar vineyards, where dozens of popular European and local white and red varieties are grown: Traminer, Leanca, Muscat, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet, Saperavi, and Merlot. The selected grapes from these vines are used by the company’s gifted winemakers to create blends and elegant single-varietal dry wines as well as luxurious dessert ones.