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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Файна Гуральня

Fayna Guralnya has its own website now


Currently, the unique collection of gins and distillates, which are made using crystal clear water from the Morshyn springs, can be viewed and ordered on the website of Fayna Guralnya and its owner – Mr. Viktor Babiy.

TM Fayna Guralnya has six fruit distillates and five types of gin. There are also two types of whiskey (malt and bourbon) that are being prepared for release. Now Fayna Guralnya has become a nominee of the Wine Travel Awards 2023-2024 in the nomination The Visiting Card of the Country/Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country. It was presented, among other members of the WTA community, at the tasting in Krakow, which took place at ENOEXPO.

Файна Гуральня

This year, the most important event in Poland, which unites the entire wine industry – the ENOEXPO exhibition, also became a nominee of the WTA`s third season in the nomination Enogastronomic Events/Magnet of the Region.

The stand of Ukrainian wines and authentic craft drinks attracted a lot of interested people and this shows that the wines and spirits of Ukraine are becoming more and more popular in the world. European importers, namely from Poland and France, are already interested in the drinks of Mr. Viktor Babiy, and a cooperation agreement has even been concluded with the French.

Fayna Guralnya presented London Dry Gin, London Lottos Blue Gin, Carpathian Gin and London Pink Gin at the Walk-Around Tasting Winery in Krakow.

Файна Гуральня

In 2020, at the All-Ukrainian Independent Craft competition, Carpathian Gin received its first “Gold”. Then, in 2021, this gin was awarded “Gold” at the Ukrainian Craft Spirits competition. In the same year the entire line of Guralnya gins was awarded “Gold” at the Gin Tasting Competition Crown Peregonu. Gourmets highly appreciate London Lottos Blue Gin, which is made according to Mr. Babiy’s exclusive recipe, where eleven herbs and dried buds of the herbaceous liana Clitoria ternatea with amazing medicinal properties are used to create a bouquet of aromas.

Mr. Babiy`s drinks are now available on the Guralnya website. Here you can also read the history of Viktor Babiy`s company creation. So it all started almost 10 years ago…