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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Meet Ron Colón Salvadoreño

07.03.2023, Awards

Talented desperadoes in the development of the RCS taste innovations have joined the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 community.

Ron Colon’s story started in 2018 with two befriended colleagues, Thurman Wise and Pepijn Janssens. With a combined experience of over 20 years working in the spirits industry, Wise and Janssens spent their time traveling around the world introducing brands to emerging markets. In 2018 this job took them on a 22-day, 16-country barhop across Latin America, and it was during this trip that El Salvador (“Sivar” in slang) – the smallest country in Central America captured their attention. This trip sparked an obsession to create a product that could showcase the honest, rich and colourful “Sivar”.

A story that started with two, very soon became a task-team of six. The unique creative talent of Chris Rehberger and his Berlin-based team at Double Standards managed to visualize the true essence of El Salvador. Andres Trigueros and his family at Jags Heads Coffee gave the privilege to collaborate with one of the most dynamic coffee farms in El Salvador. Felicity Gransden joined to offer her unique talent in flavour innovations, and last but not least, Tobias Jegenstam was brought onto the team to bring his wizz-skills in social media, and so the RCS team was born.

The Ron Colon products

The exclusive Blended Ron Colón Salvadoreño RumRye is created by mixing high quality rum and whiskey in a ratio of 50/50. Showcasing both spirits side-by-side to create a new category, flavour experience and legacy. After RUMRYE the Team moved on to RUMZCAL bridging categories and creating a unique flavour combination aiding bartenders and consumers to new split-base in one bottle. They have brought together the original dark aged rum with an authentic taste of Mexico – Mezcal! RUMZCAL 99 marries a 66 % Ron Colón Dark Aged Rum together with a 33% Mezcal finished at a 99 proof. The Lopez Real distillery, which is a 4th generation family business, processes the Maguay Espadin from Oaxaca.

About Ron Colón Salvadoreño Red Banana Oleo Rum

Bridging worlds has always been the goal of the team; they did it by uniting the finest rum and coffee from El Salvador. Now we’re ready to innovate rum once again. This unique flavored rum was inspired by red banana trees that provide shade for coffee cherries at the Jags Head Coffee Farms in El Salvador. When Ron Colón’s drink ambassador crafted a cocktail with their Dark Aged Rum, banana oleo saccharum, chocolate, and bitters, they set out to replicate the drink. The sweet bananas are somewhere between a plantain and yellow banana, with a touch of berry-like sweetness. While the idea for this expression started during the pandemic, when the Ron Colón team had a virtual drinking session, it wasn’t until their drink ambassador Steph DiCamillo created a cocktail with Ron Colón Salvadoreño Dark Aged Rum, banana oleo saccharum, chocolate, and tiki bitters. This prompted the company to create their own version, the Red Banana Oleo Flavored Rum.