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Gastronomy and Wine Portal


«SHUMI» meant «the best wine» in the ancient Georgian language. It still means the same!


SHUMI is one of the best producers of Georgian wines. SHUMI products are famous for their quality, they have earned more than 500 highest awards at prestigious international competitions, including prizes and medals that no other company in the history of Georgia has ever received. SHUMI WINERY was recognized as the BEST PRODUCER OF GEORGIA at one of the most prestigious competitions in the world – MUNDUS VINI Grand International Award!

SHUMI WINERY is the winner in 9 nominations according to the results of online public voting of the international competition WINE TRAVEL AWARDS (WTA) 2021-2022: Must visit, Brand – the visiting card of the country, Progressive approach, Authentic location, Objet d’Art, Unique program, Cultural mission, Magnet of the region, Effective event. Besides, in the nomination “Magnet of the Region” – also the winner of the Jury’s Choice Award.

SHUMI WINERY was founded in 1997. According to the strategic plan, the company began its activities with the cultivation of vineyards in the unique microzones of Georgia with a multi-thousand-year  history of viticulture.


SHUMI WINERY and its TOURIST COMPLEX are located in the village of Tsinandali – historical region of Georgian winemaking, Kakheti, Georgia.

In 2001, SHUMI built its production facilities and harvested its first grapes. From the very beginning, SHUMI has maintained and never strayed from its mandate: an uncompromising demand for the absolute highest quality products and the constant setting and re-inventing a global standard of excellence each year. The Winery is equipped with the latest generation technologically advanced facilities.

Taking care of the preservation of natural places and cultivating its vineyards, SHUMI considers it its duty to maintain a delicate balance between nature and humans. There is minimal interference in the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines, all grapes are harvested by hand. The philosophy of natural wine led to the fact that SHUMI became the first winery in Georgia to switch its vineyards to organic and biodynamic cultivation methods.


SHUMI WINERY is also the first company in Georgia to produce certified organic wine, as well as the first to use and develop biodynamic and green winemaking techniques, almost all of their wines are vegan.

For the production of SHUMI alcoholic beverages, grapes harvested from their own vineyards are mainly used. Most of the work is done manually, and for vines intended for premium wines, the method of «green harvesting» in summer and triage in autumn is used.

The company produces wine from 16 varieties of grapes, if you do not take into account the exclusive SHUMI alcoholic beverages, for the preparation of which in some cases more than 450 varieties are used.

SHUMI WINERY produces a few lines of alcoholic beverages: SHUMI, IBERIULI and others. For the production of wines, Georgian autochthonous varieties are used, which were created over the centuries by folk selection. The wines are distinguished by their individual character.


The IBERIULI collection also includes wines made according to the oldest Georgian traditional way of making wines in Qvevri. Those wines began the history of winemaking more than 8,000 years ago. Since 2013, UNESCO has awarded this method the status of an intangible monument of cultural heritage. Wines are fermented and aged in Qvevri for 5-6 months. All technological operations are performed manually. As a result, amber and red wines are obtained, which are rich in antioxidants and minerals, characterized by bright aroma and taste characteristics.

The IBERIULI line offers a wide range of bio-wines made from the grapes of its own vineyards. In addition, SHUMI WINERY manufactures products using its own patented technologies, which have no analogues in the world.


SHUMI’s exclusive beverage portfolio includes unique wines and beverages such as:

  • GENESIS is a completely new word in the world of wine, wine is made from grapes of more than 300-year-old vines, which rarely give a harvest. As a sign of respect for the historical vine, SHUMI WINERY erected a monument – a prototype of the statue of this vine on the territory of its Tourist Complex.
  • LAZARE – represents the history of Georgian viticulture and winemaking for more than 80 centuries, more than 450 grape varieties from the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection have been used.
  • SHOBILI is a Qvevri sparkling wine, created using SHUMI technology. It combines the 8000-year history of Georgian winemaking and the 400-year history of French champagne.
  • BARBALE is the world’s first and only ice wine produced in Qvevri. 102 rare grape varieties from the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection were used to prepare this unique drink.
  • GRIFIN – exclusive brandy is poured into a unique porcelain vessel, which has the shape of a griffin and is a handmade work of art created by the famous Georgian sculptor Merabishvili.
  • ZIGU is an exclusive drink that has no analogues in the world, created by the patented SHUMI technology and produced from more than 300 rare grape varieties grown in the vineyard of the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection.
  • SHUMI WINERY for 25 years of its existence, thanks to the quality of its products, has an impeccable reputation as a producer of Georgian wines. Since 2002, the company has been steadily and successfully operating in the international market. SHUMI exports

its products to 32 countries of the world and is intended for real connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages.