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MUMM Champagne

The art of Champaign drinking by Maison MUMM

21.12.2021, News

The MUMM Champagne house, founded in Reims in 1827, has created an experience to better appreciate the aromas of Cordon Rouge. The Tastes by Mumm experience was open to the public from December 15 to 18, in Paris.

Gently bring the glass to your nose, breathe in its scent, dip your lips in it, taste the nectar it contains and, finally, keep it in your mouth to capture all the aromas. Then you immerse in a storytelling by the experts who talk about golden colour, mineral notes, fine bubbles… The tasting ritual can leave some amateurs perplexed, admittedly appreciating champagne, but insufficiently initiated to grasp all its finesse.

To make exercise accessible to everyone, Maison MUMM called on Gabriel Lepousez, a neuroscientist who has been studying for 15 years how the brain perceives smells and in particular those associated with the world of wine. In partnership with the cellar master of this champagne house, Laurent Fresnet, he imagined an experience that awakened the five senses to stimulate emotions and offer a more global perception of the product.

Cordon Rouge

“Human beings are endowed with 350 scent receptors, but not everyone feels the same way. Half the population, for example, is unable to recognize the scent of violets, explains Gabriel Lepousez. This is why we should not be stuck on a single aroma when drinking a wine”.

Called Tastes by MUMM, this experience creates the ideal conditions for a more spontaneous tasting of the iconic Cordon Rouge cuvée, created in 1876 by Georges Hermann. A complex wine from 120 vintages from 120 different villages, where we find 45% Pinot Noir – emblematic grape variety of the house, 35% Chardonnay – at the origin of the acidity of the wine and 20% of Meunier – which gives it all its complexity.

Tastes by MUMM

To better understand its subtleties, the protagonists of the tasting are immersed in an immersive setting, lulled by a background sound in line with the universe of images broadcast on a 360-degree screen. Seated around a table, they have in front of them two cups of Cordon Rouge.

The first step is to taste one of them with your left hand while holding in the right a cornerstone – symbol of purity – and a touch of perfume soaked in citrus zest that you will have previously carried to your nostrils – to better impress the notion of freshness in the brain. At the same time, extremely bright images follow one another on the screen. All of these elements are supposed to enhance the perception of Chardonnay and its citrus notes. And it works! The acidity of the nectar explodes in the mouth.

MUMM Champagne

Next exercise considers drinking the second glass by sliding a small velvet pouch in your left hand and holding a touch of perfume with the scent of salted butter caramel between your fingers. The goal? To highlight the roundness of Pinot Noir, its notes of gourmet biscuits. Unlike the first tasting, this time the champagne gains in thickness, in power, in ‘gourmandism’.

In thirty minutes, the Cordon Rouge has thus revealed all its duality. It is both an aperitif drink and an ideal accompaniment to food and wine pairings. “We didn’t do a magic trick, we just tasted the same thing and used our five senses to amplify the different dimensions that coexist in this champagne,” adds Gabriel Lepousez. The magic of a great wine is having several personalities to offer and things to tell”.

Source: https://avis-vin.lefigaro.fr

Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/champagne.mumm