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Twenty years together with Ukraine: SHABO celebrates a landmark date

18.12.2023, News

SHABO, one of the most famous and successful wineries of Ukraine, is celebrating a serious date: 20 years since the company was founded.

This winery is a family business of the Iukuridze family, grounded on wine traditions that go back to more than 200 years. Within two decades, SHABO team has created a powerful brand of unique, high-quality and sophisticated wines, shaping the country’s wine culture and having a significant impact on the wine tastes and preferences of Ukrainians. 

SHABO Winery & Distillery

Here are a few interesting facts about SHABO:

— the winery owns 1,200 hectares of vineyards in the Shabo terroir in Odesa region, located at a winemaking latitude of 46.6°. Besides the best European varieties, the well-known Ukrainian indigenous grape, Telti-Kuruk, is grown here (SHABO has the largest plots of genetically native Telti-Kuruk); 

— the company has a modern technological complex and up-to-date equipment, which can be envied even by well-known wineries in the most famous wine regions of the world; 

— the company produces still and sparkling wines and also has a distillery producing brandys and grape vodka;

SHABO Wine Culture Center, located at the territory of the winery, has been welcoming thousands of guests; despite the russian aggression, a few months ago the Center’s team resumed the winery tours; 

— within the 20 years’ time, SHABO wines have received more than 500 awards from the most influential international tasting competitions — Mundus Vini, Berliner Wine Trophy, IWC and others. In 2021, SHABO wines were the first in Ukraine to win two gold medals at the London Decanter. In 2023, SHABO received 85 prestigious awards, including Platinum from Decanter for Muscat Ottonel 2016! 

SHABO wines are exported to 22 countries around the world and represent Ukraine in the famous Cite du Vin in Bordeaux. 


“During these 20 years we have walked an extremely interesting and thorny path,”  Giorgi Iukuridze, co-founder of SHABO, wrote on his Facebook page. — Ukrainian winemaking was gathered from the ashes, a winery was rebuilt from the ruins, vines of the best grape varieties in the world were planted and grown. Every year, every day, we worked tirelessly for 20 years, regardless of any difficulties, because we have a big goal — to create the Great Wines of Ukraine. We’ve survived economic crises, pandemics, and continue to do our job even during full-scale war. So today, we want to say “thank you” to everyone who has been near and with us since 2003: 

— To the SHABO team – the people who use their skills and work really hard to create Great Wines. 

—  To our partners and colleagues who have been supporting and helping us in this difficult task. 

— To amazing Ukrainians who believe in us and choose SHABO. 


And, most of all, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thanks to you, we have been able to work on Our Independent Land for the last 2 years. Thank you!” 

The editors of Drinks+ join in the congratulations and wish the incredible team of SHABO and the founders of the company inspiration, strength, passion for their work, as well as many beautiful vintages and fine wines that demonstrate the best features of Ukrainian terroir and true Ukrainian character. Cheers!