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UK & UA: together to victory

28.04.2022, News

The United Kingdom supports Ukraine, and Drinks+ promotes Ukrainian winemakers in Britain.

With the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, we are supported by the entire civilized world: our country receives weapons, medicine and humanitarian aid from the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan. Our country is perhaps the most supported by the United Kingdom, which not only provides military assistance, but also announced new economic measures to support Ukraine.

It has recently become known that the British government intends to abolish customs duties on all goods from Ukraine in the framework of the Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, providing us with much-needed economic support. Tariff measures are part of the UK’s broad economic support for Ukraine, including the provision of £ 1 billion in loan guarantees.

Currently, the average duty on Ukrainian imports is about 22%. Relieving tariffs on key Ukrainian exports will help Ukrainian businesses and producers when they need it most. Ukraine exports milk and dairy products, honey, poultry, egg products, snails and other goods to the Foggy Albion. We hope that this list will expand.

In its turn, the Drinks + Communication Media Group, which has always supported Ukrainian producers, is accumulating all its resources in this difficult time in order to create favorable conditions for the promotion of domestic products. We understand that with the beginning of the war, our winemakers, who had faced many problems before, now have a very difficult period: someone has lost their work and is trying to rebuild the farm, for example the Khalupenkos, some found themselves in the occupied territories, some lost their products. We are not talking about lost business connections, inability to work due to the fact that some workers were forced to evacuate or take up arms, or a long period of ban on the sale of alcohol in almost entire Ukraine.

But even in such a difficult time, business is looking for ways to survive, and we are happy to provide assistance and support to all Ukrainian producers who have export plans. Ukrainian wines have previously been favored by foreign experts and regularly received the highest awards at the most famous international wine competitions, and now, when the whole world looks at us due to heroic resistance against the rashist invasion, domestic products should be in trend around the world. And our courageous and steadfast editorial staff is ready to contribute to this as much as possible.

In the coming months, a number of events are planned at influential international events in the wine industry, where we will be proud to present Ukrainian winemakers and their products. In cooperation with Ukrsadvinprom, our media group is collecting samples of wines from Ukrainian wineries that intend to take part in the joint national stand of the country at the 40th exhibition of wine and spirits London Wine Fair, which will be held in the British capital on June 7-9, 2022, as well as in the Balkans International Wine Competition, which will take place on June 1-3, 2022, on the Greek island of Salamis.

In order to support Ukrainian producers, the organizers of these events gave our winemakers the opportunity to present their wines free of charge, and Drinks+ takes over all organizational work: we present your samples for free, invite guests to tastings, ask for feedback from wine experts, etc.

So, we encourage everyone who wants to show their products in London – a city where all the world’s wine “elite” will soon gather, and in the center of Balkan winemaking, to contact us for information: you can get all the details here.

Let’s step to victory together!