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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Wine Travel Awards

We vote for our compatriots and for the victory of Ukraine!


The Wine Travel Awards (WTA) public voting started on March 1 and will last all month long.

Voting for the Wine Travel Awards nominees started on the first day of spring, March 1. But on the eve of the start of a new phase of our awards, founded – if anyone did not know – by Ukrainians, we wondered whether to suspend the wine tourism project or morally continue it at a time when Ukraine is fighting the Russian Nazis. Is all this appropriate when bombs are falling on the heads of civilians and our compatriots are hiding with children in bomb shelters, when men are defending the Fatherland with weapons in their hands, when winemakers pour wine from bottles to fill them with “Bandera smoothie” cocktails… When in our peaceful country children are shot with machine guns…

And we decided – we will not stop. This project was born of a pandemic out of spite: it would seem that tourism is to blame in the days of lockdown. And now, during this terrible war, we have decided that we will continue to form our progressive Wine Travel Awards community.

It is the community, because today Ukraine needs joint action more than ever, it needs support. And the world – and not only the wine, but all reasonable – needs unity. And hope: that the light will overcome darkness.

So, voting for the nominees for the Wine Travel Awards started yesterday – to the detriment of all deaths. Among WTA nominees, there are the star names of wine journalists from Sweden and the USA, Japan and Great Britain, legendary wineries of Argentina and Italy, France and Georgia, Moldova and Germany. Here are the archaeological wineries of Armenia and Italy (Pompeii) along with the latest projects such as the Incubateur Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win. And, of course, our Ukrainian wineries, the SHABO’s wine culture center, wine and food journalists and photographer Arsen Fedosenko, the destination of the Odesa region, Ukrainian events and the Sommelier School “Master Class”

WTA voting

Today, Drinks+ Communication Media Group appeals to other nominees from all over the world, to all wine lovers and wine travelers to vote both for their compatriots and for ours – Ukrainians. Support the nominees of the Wine Travel Awards from Ukraine, who do not have time for awards today, who do not even care about wine today, and the country has officially introduced a dry law. Today they are defending our land with weapons in their hands or hiding from missile strikes with their children.

Because Ukraine is worth it! We will win!