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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Domäne Wachau

Domäne Wachau: summer vibes from one of Austria‘s best wineries


Domäne Wachau, the WTA nominee in the Visiting card of the country / Must visit category, is the only estate in the entire Wachau region to nurture exclusive parcels in every well-known single vineyard of the Wachau.

The wines of Domäne Wachau express the character and the best terroir features of renowned single vineyard sites, such as Loibenberg, Achleiten, 1000-Eimer-Berg, Singerriedel and Kellerberg. Vineyard terraces with dry stone walls are an essential part – and, in fact, a hallmark – of the terroirs of the Wachau.

Wachau’s steep and terraced vineyards not only require a lot of work and produce amazing quality wines. They are also a tourist attraction. This summer the famous Domäne is organizing several WINE.RIEDEN.HIKE tours, showing Wachau at its best. After a short train ride on the Wachaubahn from Dürnstein to Weissenkirchen, visitors will hike on the Achleitenweg through the legendary vineyard. Further in the tour continues up the Danube to Spitz, and later the river current takes the tourists along the vineyards back to Dürnstein. Along the road, the organizers offer their guests a selection of excellent wines, a large collection of exciting and interesting stories and plenty of culinary delights. This is definitely a valuable experience for wine lovers, not-to-be-missed!

Visitors can also experience the unique nature around the Domäne Wachau winery having a wine picnic at the foot of the Kellerberg mountain. The winery team will lovingly pack a picnic backpack for their guests, filled with a bottle of wine, a fine snack and Wachau specialties. There‘s a lot to see around: the Danube, beautiful, quiet places and a spectacular landscape with unique vineyards and dry stone walls. Independent picnickers are given tips for the best pit-stop locations and hiking trails in Loiben and Dürnstein directly from the winery‘s on-site team. Picnic tours are available on a regular basis, Monday through Saturday.

On July 8, the famous chateau will hold a huge music and dance event, combining   the chill wine tasting with fine beats. MUSIC & WINE: Domäne Wachau  + friends event will gather over 30 Wachauer top wineries, food trucks, offering their guests great wine, tasty food, spirits and cocktails and cool DJ sound – all of this in a unique atmosphere at the foot of the picturesque vineyard-planted Kellerberg mountain.

Besides their own events, Domäne Wachau are also engaged in various collaborations. As a matter of fact, the winery‘s amazing Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terrassen 2022 has been chosen as the official white wine of the Salzburg Festival this year. 

Speaking of amazing wines, we will close this piece by more wonderful news from Domäne Wachau: their Grüner Veltliner & Riesling Emerald Ried Achleiten 2022 has been recently awarded a gold medal by Decanter, with a solid high score of 95 points. Congratulations to the award winning wine and its creators – well done, the Domäne Wachau team, and wishing you lots of success with the forthcoming vintage!