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RUTA balm

Holiday Surprises from Rutabalm Company


On the eve of the New Year holidays, the WTA nominee — Rutabalm — has prepared festive packaging for its well-known RUTA balm. Now the beautiful bottle of the balm is complemented by a bright gift box. So, as before, so now, RUTA balm is a worthy gift for any festive or business event.

Winter is still ongoing, and the festive vibe still fills the air. That’s why RutaBalm decided to update the design of its famous RUTA balm. So now fans of RutaBalm products have a chance to add a rare bottle to their collection!


The packaging design was developed by a graphic designer — Vitaliya Levchenko from the RutaBalm team. The gift box is made of durable metallized cardboard. RUTA balm is a worthy gift for any festive or business event.


RUTA is a craft herbal balm created from 96 of the best botanicals collected from different parts of our beautiful Ukraine – from Chernihiv forests to Crimean steppes, from the Carpathian Mountains to the meadows of Poltava region.