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ITC & BKWine: Per Karlsson in Ukraine — almost everything you need to know about wine tourism

16.06.2023, News

Quite recently in his interview to Drimks+ Giacomo Pondini, CEO of one of the prominent DOCGs of Piedmont, Consorzio dell’Asti, has once again confirmed the efficiency of the marketing strategy that the media group chose a dozen years ago, and on which the Wine Travel Awards project is based: wine tourism is becoming the most powerful tool of promotion in the world of wine. Its potential is so strong that it operates even in the territories where military operations are taking place, such as the unbreakable Ukraine. This, of course, is possible due to unique features of the national character of Ukrainians, their faith and optimism, allowing them even today, despite daily missile attacks, to plan their peaceful future, preparing to develop wine tourism and welcome guests.

It is for this reason that the ITC project “Promoting small and medium enterprises of the fruit and vegetable sector to foreign markets and their inclusion in value-added chains” together with Per Karlsson, a well-known wine writer and expert on wine roads, a member of the Wine Travel Awards jury, developed a series of webinars under the title of “Development of wine tourism in Ukraine”. This interesting collaboration was initiated by Iryna Bystrytska, the WTA jury member. We are glad to admit that WTA has once again served its main purpose: connecting all active and advanced members of the community in networking, collaborations and business initiatives.

The speaker of the wine tourism webinars for Ukrainians is Per Karlsson, co-founder of the BKWine AB Travel company, which he manages together with his wife, Britt Karlsson (Britt Karlsson, by the way, is the WTA winner in the Top Guide category this year). For more than twenty years, BKWine Tours has been successfully engaged in organizing special wine tours. The company organizes private and corporate wine tours to European countries – France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, as well as to South Africa, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.

Per Karlsson is one of the most experienced authors in the world of wine. Together with Britt Karlsson he has published more than twelve books on wine, winemaking, wine tourism and wine regions. Their books have been awarded several prizes in Swedish and international book competitions: the Gastronomic Academy of Sweden, the International Organization of Grapes and Wine – OIV, Gourmand Sweden and Gourmand International. Per and Britt’s reviews are regularly published in two languages in BKWine Magazine, a popular online wine magazine in the wine industry, and their articles appear regularly in Forbes.com, Drinks.ua and other wine media.

We invite Ukrainian winemakers to take part in the seminars due to be held by Per Karlsson. Those present will have the opportunity to learn how to build the infrastructure of wine tourism and what pitfalls they should be prepared for. Per will share his experience gained while organizing wine tours around the world: in France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, etc, focusing on good things and warning against potential mistakes.

Registration required (please fill the form by the link: https://forms.gle/1z7RpwhtBcz6wvT46)

Ukraine wine tourism
Draft agenda points
June 21
  • What is wine tourism and why is it important (an introduction)
    • Motivation and drivers. Why do it?
    • Economic effects
    • Different kinds of objectives with wine tourism
June 23
  • Different wine tourisms, different wine tourists
    • Different kinds of wine tourism. From small to big
    • Different kinds of wine tourist
    • Planning for wine tourism? Or planning too much?
June 27
  • Practicalities, how can a small winery start or do wine tourism
    • How can a small producer be successful in wine tourism? How to start 1-2-3.
    • Starting small
    • Who does what?
    • Investments? Or not?
    • Managing the customer relationship for leverage
    • Marketing the wine tourism offer
June 29
  • Wine tourism is also collaboration
    • Hotels, restaurants, food producers, culture
    • Government and municipalities has a role in wine tourism
    • Collaborative organisations