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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023: Ukrainian wines were awarded 6 Gold & 9 Silver medals

08.09.2023, News

This year MUNDUS VINI summer tasting in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse – the 33rd Grand International Wine Award – honored wines from 36 countries around the world.

The Results

Almost 140 wine professionals including Drinks+ and Wine Travel Awards team representatives tasted and rated 4238 wines during the four-day tasting. Italy was represented by the largest number of samples – 1062, Spain ranks the second place with 790 samples, next is Germany with 744. And, well, Ukraine took part at this time with 29 samples on an equal footing with the USA.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

In the medal table at the summer tasting, Italy took first place (3 Grand Gold, 225 Gold, 215 Silver), followed by Spain (5 Grand Gold, 148 Gold, 125 Silver) and Germany (2 Grand Gold, 116 Gold, 118 Silver). They are followed by Portugal (100 medals), France (90), Georgia (62), South Africa (45), Austria (43), Romania (43) and the Czech Republic (40).

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

The results can be found here.

We are pleased to announce at this Summer tasting Ukrainian wines were awarded 6 Gold & 9 Silver medals and as we can analyze from the official information their number amounts to almost 50% of samples sent to the competition.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

The 6 Gold medals and 9 Silver went to the famous and one of the biggest Ukrainian wine producer, the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 winner in the The Visiting Card of the Country nomination, Brand – the visiting card of the country category – the family business of the Iukuridze family – SHABO located on the south coast of the Black Sea in the major wine producing region of Odessa.

It is also important to note the 2020 Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon according to the Mundus Vini official information has become the Best of Show Ukraine!   

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

Wines Awarded Gold medals:

***Best of Show Ukraine***   2020 Grande Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 

2019 Grande Reserve Chardonnay

2020 Grande Reserve Cabernet – Merlot

2018 Limited Edition Vintage Dessert Muscat – Ottonel

2016 Limited Edition Vintage Dessert Traminer

2019 Limited Edition Sherry Fortified Dry

Mundus Vini 2023 Summertasting

Wines Awarded Silver medals:

2021 Classic Extra Brut White

2021 Shabo Reserve Chardonnay

2021 Limited Edition Rkatsiteli by Kakhetian Technology

2021 Shabo Reserve Cabernet

2022 Shabo Reserve Saperavi

2022 Limited Edition Saperavi – Merlot by Kakhetian Technology

2016 Limited Edition Vintage Dessert Cabernet

2016 Limited Edition Vintage Dessert Cabernet

Our Editorial Team congratulate the Shabo Family Winery on their victory and let’s hope that there will be more producers in Ukraine who are ready to accept the challenge and prove to the world that they also produce wines of international class!

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

The wine competition and more…

Beside the fact, that the MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023 was the already 33rd Grand International Wine Award, during the tasting dates the Team celebrated the Anniversary of the Meininger Verlag (MUNDUS VINI was founded by this important and Germany’s oldest specialist publishers).

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

So, exactly 120 years ago, on 3 September 1903 the Meininger Verlag was founded by Daniel Meininger. The international wine judges of MUNDUS VINI handed over a special present to the Meininger family which was personally presented on the main stage by Paul Robert Blom.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

On Paul’s initiative, the judges also collected an amount to help Ukraine. We would like to thank the MUNDUS VINI Family for this donation, will let you know what needs we will send it to.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

And we, as the Communication Media Group absolutely agree with Robert Joseph, the member of the MUNDUS VINI Board of Management, what he noted in his final traditional speech at the closing of the competition: “There are many family wineries in the world that are an example of effective wine business. Namely, Meininger Verlag is one of the best and even unique examples of a family business that specializes in outstanding beverages press”.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

But of course the great tradition of the MUNDUS VINI team is the fantastic extra program that is usually organized for the international wine judges. This time at the Meininger Verlag office in Neustadt a detailed and informative presentation of SOAVE DOC was made. All the judges have the opportunity to taste 17 selected Italian wines presented by SOAVE Consortium at the Vinicombe of Meininger Verlag and share their thoughts on the wines of a very old region with grown grapes in the volcanic hills near Verona since Roman times.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

A moderated wine tasting, presented by ICEX – Wine from Spain in cooperation with the Control Council DO Rías Baixas at the Gesellschaftshaus of BASF in Ludwigshafen took part on the 3rd evening of our arrival at the competition. Christoph Nicklas, Editor at Meininger Verlag GmbH guided us through the tasting of selected wines from Galicia in Spain’s northwest. And it was a wonderful surprise to taste the wines from this region, to find out about the peculiarities of the climate and terroir of the DO, to taste several iconic sparklings, the full-bodied and at the same time fresh white wines, as well as to discover the red wine from the Brancellao variety.

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

Our Editorial Team would like to thank Christian Wolf, Director Degustation and the highly motivated team of Mundus Vini for the invitation and organization of these four excellent days of the competition!

MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2023

Photo: Drinks+, AD Lumina