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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

The Gérard Basset Prize “Ambassador of the Year” at the Wine Travel Awards

23.11.2022, News

Having stepped in the second year of the project, the WTA team is happy to share one more exciting news: our project, in order to support new professions in the field of wine tourism, introduces a new approach to awards for winners. And the first of them is in honor of a professional of the highest level and a Man with a capital letter – Gérard Basset.

Due to our partnership the Gérard Basset Foundation and thanks to the personal consent of Monsieur Basset’s family – Nina Basset, WTA judge, and her son Romane Basset, this year the WTA winner of the Ambassador of the Year category will also be awarded with the Gérard Basset Prize “Ambassador of the Year”.

Gérard Basset was a one of the most experienced and award-winning wine experts in the world, and a holder of the title of Master Sommelier (1989). Subsequently, he became the only person in the world who managed to combine such high titles: Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, as well as Wine MBA. Beside being professional, he was a nice open person willing to share his knowledge and experience with young sommeliers. Gérard was thirsty for knowledge, so he often traveled and discovered new wine regions, grape varieties and wine styles. The WTA project is fully in line with these values, so in the memory of Gérard Basset the prize was created to encourage wine personalities to study and learn more. The winner of the Gérard Basse Prize “Ambassador of the Year” will receive a reward of 1,000 euros (or an educational course in the equivalent+).

Nowadays, sommeliers and brand ambassadors are evolving their status to opinion leaders in trade marketing and wine tourism. More and more winemakers and wine consumers tend to trust them. Considering this trend, the WTA team invites wine personalities to join our friendly community and become part of the professional network.

Persons representing wines, regions, enogastronomic routes, brands, as well as associations, consortia, national wine bureaus, tourist offices, and tour operators which promote their wine region, a specific brand or certain types of wines can be nominated for the Ambassador of the Year category. The early bird registration is open. Apply and get your one-year PR marketing campaign!