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The winner takes it all: the WTA nominee Zlaten Rozhen granted top awards at CBM 2023


Great news from Zlaten Rozhen, the WTA nominee from Bulgaria (Category: The Visiting Card of the country): this wonderful winery has gained 3 medals from the recent Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2023 Red and White Wine tasting! The success is even more tremendous, considering that 2 out of 3 medals won by our nominee are Golds, and one is Grand Gold!

«These coveted and prestigious awards were given to our wines, but congratulations go to our entire close-knit team who work with a lot of love and knowledge at the vineyards and at the winery! Special ovation for the chief oenologist Dimitar Petkov!!!» —  Zlaten Rozhen posted on their Facebook page. 

The gold medals were awarded to Sandan Misket Parallel 41 vintage 2022 – the wine created from a local variety, speaking prominently of a specific local terroir, and to Cabernet Franc Parallel 41 vintage 2019 — a new release which the winery calls a successful «debut».

The highest trophy — Grand Gold Medal — was awarded to Cabernet Sauvignon Exclusive lot 2017, a pre-release wine by Zlaten Rozhen. The winemakers were patiently waiting for it to unfold its potential, and it performed brilliantly at the CBM Red and White Wine tasting 2023.

Some important facts to mention in the context:

  • only 87 out of nearly 7,500 wines from around the world have been awarded the Grand Gold Medal in CBM Red and White Wine tasting 2023;
  • Zlaten Rozhen Cabernet Sauvignon Exclusive lot 2017 is one of the 3 Bulgarian wines awarded the Grand Gold Medal in this year‘s session.

Well done, Zlaten Rozhen, and warm congratulations from the WTA team!

For those who would be interested to visit Zlaten Rozhen winery and taste their award-winning wines, here’s some useful info. Zlaten Rozhen is located in the village of Kapatovo, near the town of Melnik in the famous Struma Valley wine region. It was established in 2010 and is continuously growing and developing throughout the years. In 2017 the owners of Zlaten Rozhen acquired another local winery with its vineyards, which made them one of the largest vinegrowers and winemakers in the region. Currently Zlaten Rozhen owns 800 acres of vineyards, growing both local varieties like Broadleaved Melnik (known also as Shiroka Melnik), Melnik 55 and Rubin, and the classics Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. They also have plantations with some non-typical varieties for the region, such as Sangiovese and Nebiolo. 

The wine cellar is open for visitors every day from 10 to 18 h. On the spot guests may choose between 6 types of wine tastings. Zlaten Rozhen team can also organize a tailored tasting according to your taste. The tour around the cellar is included.

Enjoy the tour of amazing Bulgarian wines!