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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Vinnytsia Wine Days


08.05.2023, News

On May 25-28, Vinnytsia Wine Days will be held for the first time in Vinnytsia. This is a real holiday that will bring together wine industry professionals and wine connoisseurs. Drinks+ & Wine Travel Awards acts as the General International Information Partner of this new ambitious event, which starts in Ukraine during the difficult wartime.

The honorary president of the event is the well-known Vinnytsia winemaker Volodymyr Hygineishvili, who noted: “It is an honor for me to present a new event in Vinnytsia dedicated to the wine-making culture. After all, this event combined two of my passions: winemaking and my hometown. 10 years ago, I changed my field of activity and became interested in wine. What started as a hobby for me has now become a matter of my life. I am happy that I will be able to share my passion with hundreds of residents of Vinnytsia and guests of the city. I am sure that a very high-quality and fruitful networking among winemakers and connoisseurs of high-quality, unique Ukrainian wine awaits us.”

Vinnytsia Wine Days will take place at several locations at once. In particular, visitors can expect events in the historical quarter near Sadki. At one time, the demonstration garden and vineyard of the first director of the Vinnytsia real school, Yaroslav Nemets, an outstanding pomologist and winemaker, was located here. In addition, within the framework of Vinnytsia Wine Days, one of the two authoritative national tasting competitions – Odesa Wine&Spirit Awards will be held.

According to Yaroslav Yushkov, producer of the Vinnytsia Wine Days project, the event will be a platform for the exchange of experience between professionals in the fields of winemaking, hospitality and tourism.

The organizers aim to popularize the “Ukrainian wine” brand and develop the culture of drinking beverages among Vinnytsia residents. And the main goal is to promote Podillia as a promising region for winemaking and food and wine tourism.

“Vinnytsia Wine Days is an educational, touristic, professional, enogastronomic event that will last four days and will consist of several areas: an international exhibition with wine tasting, two scientific conferences for specialists, as well as presentations, excursions and food tours,” said Yaroslav Yushkov.

The initiators of the event, which will become an annual event, are the Association of Gardeners, Grape Growers and Winemakers of Ukraine, Odesa National Technological University and the Union of Grape Growers and Winemakers of Vinnytsia.

Deputy Mayor of Vinnytsia Andriy Ocheretny noted that Vinnytsia Wine Days is an extremely promising event for popularizing the city and region as a wine destination, so the Vinnytsia City Council supported its holding.

“Although the version about the origin of the city’s name from “wine” is unlikely, many people in Ukraine and abroad associate us with this drink from the first time – and we really have something to offer here. We saw enthusiastic reactions to Vinnytsia wine in Dijon (the capital of Burgundy) the year before last, and we are also witnessing a revival of interest in Ukrainian wines in different parts of the world. In a certain sense, we should strengthen our own “wine” patriotism and support domestic producers who promote a whole philosophy and culture of consumption,” said Andriy Ocheretny.

The Vinnytsia Wine Days format is primarily aimed at professionals – winegrowers, winemakers of Ukraine and other countries (Georgia, Moldova, etc.), representatives of the hotel and restaurant business and players in the tourism sector. The event will also be of interest to sommeliers and the media, students and teachers of specialized specialties, residents of Vinnytsia who are interested in wine culture, and tourists from neighboring regions.

Drinks+ & Wine Travel Awards media group welcome the appearance of a new wine event on the map of Ukraine – we are looking forward to a bright event that will become annual and will attract professionals and wine lovers from all over the world!

Details of the project will be announced soon. You can follow the news on the Vinnytsia Wine Days Facebook and Instagram pages.