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Bodegas González Byass

Bodegas González Byass – “The Best Ambassador Company of Southern Spain”


For the fourth consecutive year, the Southern Spain Entrepreneur Association (CESUR) has organised the Southern Spain Business Awards (Premios Empresariales del Sur de España) to recognize the work of companies and individual entrepreneurs in the country’s southern regions. This year it is Bodegas González Byass who has been named the best ambassador of Southern Spain.

The Southern Spain Business Awards, organized by CESUR, aims to evaluate the work of companies and entrepreneurs from the southern regions of Spain. The main selection criteria include conducting productive work within the country and beyond, promoting the attractiveness of the area, and demonstrating professionalism, innovation, and technological advancements. Throughout its existence, the Southern Spain Business Awards has recognized outstanding work and dedication to the cause by organizations and individual entrepreneurs from Andalusia and Extremadura.

This year, as a nominee for the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 in the Enogastronomic Events/Event of the Year category and winner of the public vote, Bodegas González Byass has become the best ambassador of Southern Spain.

Bodegas González Byass

Guided by the principles of sustainable development, González Byass has implemented its “5+5 Cuidando el Planeta” (5+5 Caring for the Planet) plan and has recently achieved two significant milestones. Firstly, the opening of the new Beronia winery for reserve and terroir wines in the Rioja region, which has become the world’s most environmentally friendly winery after receiving LEED V4 BD+C:NC and LEED Gold certifications.

Bodegas González Byass

Secondly, the Ángel de Viñas initiative, created in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, aims to restore and preserve Spain’s old vineyards. Currently, Ángel de Viñas is working on preserving unique areas in D.O. Rueda, D.O. Penedés, D.O. Arribes del Duero, and D.O. Monterrei.

Bodegas González Byass

The jury, represented by renowned figures from the business world, institutions and national communication groups, recognized the dedication and efforts of González Byass, which presented Andalusia as an innovative, technological and attractive region. The award was received by Mauricio González-Gordon López de Carrizosa, the president of Bodegas González Byass and a representative of the fifth generation of this family business.

Bodegas González Byass

The Southern Spain Business Awards were also received by the well-known actor and businessman Antonio Banderas, the Atlantic Copper company, and Gonzalo Guillén, the CEO of Acesur.

Throughout its nearly two centuries of operation, González Byass has become one of the largest family wineries in Spain, with over 1844 hectares of vineyards and a total production volume of 49 million bottles per year. Currently, the company owns 14 wineries in Spain, Chile, and Mexico, three distilleries, and has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, China, Thailand, and Poland.

Bodegas González Byass

Bodegas Gonzalez Byass also welcomes a quarter of a million tourists each year. The visitors to the company’s estates can enjoy an unparalleled wine tourism experience and taste the world’s finest sherries, filled with intense aromas and notes of pear and almond, honey and spices, iris and raisins, nuts and liquorice, as well as hot and spicy brandies with hints of wood, spices, caramel, leather, and candied fruits. In the summer of 2020, the company opened the Bodega Tio Pepe Hotel, which features three restaurants and several bars.

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